Steve Johnson to God: Come On!!!

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Steve Johnson is a wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills.

He had a chance to help his team pull off a major upset in overtime today, as a perfectly thrown pass landed in his outstretched arms. Alas, Johnson dropped the game-winning toss (see below), the Steelers went on to defeat the Bills - and Johnson pinned the blame on the Big Man upstairs.

No, we aren't referring to his offensive coordinator...

Steve Johnson Tweet


Yall some fools, he was obviously just messin while also feeling a little stressed. Yall some judgmental people!


How is that God's fault? He doesn't MAKE us do anything... That's your own problem, dude.


Oh, so mr. football star thinks God needs to make him perfect now?
When did games become so serious?


His an ass,how the F@CK can he blame God for his stupid mistake? Asshole.


About time someone blamed God/ I'm sick of hearing athletes only thank him after a win.

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