Randy Quaid: The Star Whackers Are Coming!

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"Heath was an athlete. He played Australian football. He was robust." - Randy Quaid on why the late actor Heath Ledger was a likely victim of the "Star Whackers."

This guy is awesome, as are the news programs that put him on the air. Today, the insane actor hit The Early Show to explain missing his court date (again).

Randy and Evi Quaid, who face burglary charges in California, are seeking refuge in Canada, saying they've been "racketeered on" and people are after them:

According to the Quaids, a mysterious, rag tag group of hooligans he terms the "Star Whackers" are targeting celebrities, "decimating" them literally or otherwise:

"I've had eight friends of mine who have either died mysteriously or had scandals surrounding them in recent years, and this is what I'm talking about."

"They've manipulated the system, the court system to have us falsely arrested, to make it impossible for us to operate on a daily basis in every basic way."

Good to know Randy. Very good to know.


7th Oct City of the Lion in the low lands. Namaste, Illuminati wants my mind, my soul and my body. Ohm shanti.


I can not help but be tempted to share one of the most comical scenes from his movie Vegas Vacation with Chevy Chase.Randy's character wants to go fishing while Chevy's family is caught up in the excitement of Las Vegas. The family visits Hoover Dam. The tour guide says "Welcome to Hoover Dam,I am your Dam tour guide,take all the Dam pictures you want,does anybody have any Dam questions?" Randy's response: "Where can I find some Damn bait?" Hopefully,Randy and Evi will soon be back a reality tour!!

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