Randy and Evi Quaid Skip Bail; Nut Jobs Wanted Again After Court No-Show

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Just when you think Randy and Evi Quaid can't get crazier ...

In what may end up being a very costly move, the fugitive couple once again didn't appear in court, this time for their felony vandalism arraignment Tuesday in Santa Barbara, Calif. Evi's bail amount of $500,000 was forfeited as a result.

A new bench warrant has been issued for Evi Quaid. Sigh ...

Randy and Evi Quaid insist they are not crazy.

Evi, whose probation had been revoked for her previous hotel bill fraud case, is expected to face jail time. If she ever sets foot back in the U.S., that is.

Both the Quaids accused of squatting in and causing damage to a Montecito, Calif., home they used to own. A realtor found them crashing there. Hilarious.

They are currently seeking refugee status in Canada.

Randy's $500,000 bail remains in place, because the Quaids' attorney told the judge he is required to stay in Canada until an immigration hearing there Nov. 8.

A warrant for Randy was also issued Tuesday, but held on condition he shows for the couple's next hearing, which has been scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 16.

We'd say it's even money they don't show.

The pair claims they are running for their lives from estate planners and businessmen in Hollywood called "star whackers" who seek to have celebrities killed.

They recently discussed this theory on Good Morning America, insinuating that the "whackers" offed Heath Ledger and that Britney Spears could be next.

Not sure if a whole team of psychiatrists could handle these two.


Ummmm duh they are crazy...do u see wtf is going on they are making up crazy and crazier things as they go along ... If ANYONE starts to believe these lunitics then i am going to laugh forever...cus they are def. The craziest couple n tha celeb world


What an entertaining couple,
I am quite sure Dennis Quaid 's head is spinning trying to keep up with the latest headline on Randy and Evi's wild adventures. Just saying!!

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