Randy and Evi Quaid Bring the Crazy, Warn Lindsay and Britney: They're Trying to Kill You!

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A few days after they were set free in Canada, Randy and Evi Quaid sat down with Good Morning America today and gave an epic interview in which they stated:

  • An estate planner is trying to kill them.
  • Heath Ledger was possibly murdered.
  • Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan could be next.

  • Mel Gibson recorded a series of hate-spewing voicemails because he was drugged.
  • Oksana Grigorieva was sent to do the actor in financially.
  • Dennis Quaid makes really bad movies.
Interviewer Andrea Canning questioned the couple, asking if they were on drugs or faking their accusations. Evi responded with the simple question:

Do murders take place? Game. Set. Match. Crazies. Quaids. Watch this all-time incredible interview now:

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Everything is a conspiracy if you're Randy and Evi Quaid. Even celebrity gossip sites are just fronts used by the police.


Most people know about the Illuminati by now and the bottom feeder comments on here are probably from the gang stalker wannabes in the first place.Cointelpro if you will.But the Illuminati will destroy anyone in their way. Welcome to the world wide mafia! EDIT THE MAFIA!


Namaste, Remember the hubbling chair of grandma in the attic? Illuminati wants my mind, my soul and my body. Ohm shanti.


So what kind of 'funny cigarettes' have these 2 been smoking? Nutjobs with a capital N! By the way: Would the world be worse off without the 'Brittneys and the Lindsays' in the world? Nah don't think so.


The Quaids are sham 'refugees' and hopefully Canada will send them packing.




The Quaids may have a point. What appears so ludicrous on the face of it may have a basis in fact.
Many people have said, "Oh that's preposterous," and then we find out there is truth to the claim.
Eventually, the Quaids will be made out to be heros or fools. If there is a thread of truth to the claims, we'll be glad they exposed it. In any event, the whole notion of celebrity whacking may cause an investigation. Stay tuned.


Leave Heath Ledger out of your madness Randy!


That's called illumination, they are after them


There is definitely some kind of stimulant drug abuse connected with this type of paranoia, either crystal or cocaine (or both). Or it's a mental health issue, either way it is sad that GMA took advantage of the situation, pathetic and sad...time to get some professional help and/or a 12 step program.


wow, thats all i have to say!