NKOTBSB in Action: Iconic Boy Bands Unite at American Music Awards

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Who knew one stage to hold so much cuteness?

At last night's American Music Awards, Justin Bieber may have won big and Rihanna may have opened impressively, but the show closed with the the official formation of NKOTBSB.

That's right, folks, The New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys performed a medley of hits together, giving fans a preview of their upcoming 2011 summer tour. From "Step By Step" to "I Want It That Way," viewers were transported to a more innocent era, one we didn't even realize we missed until these iconic groups took us back in time...

NKOTB Performance Pic
Return of the Backstreet Boys

All you people can't you see, can't you see... NKOTBSB!


How dare you,RANDYJACKSONSBUTT??? How disrespectful... I can understand that you are not an NKOTB fan, but one thing that you should never do is leave such a disrespectful comment like that... You need to be taught some respect... I hate Kanye West, but you don't see me leaving something so dirty and disrespectful about him on this site DO YOU...???...They are not losers, they are 5 men who have brought you BSB, NSYCH, Jonas Brother's, and yes Justin Beiber... This is the person that idolize them in Memphis talking to you telling you to watch your dirty mouth...!!!...


I loved the BSB when I was younger, the show brought back memories that cannot be replaced!


how do you figure they are losers? what exactly do you do? i'm certain you don't make hundreds of thousands of dollars for 5 minutes of your time... dont hate, it makes you sound like an a-hole.


Haters nowadays. They obviously aren't losers they've both sold millions of albums. I think it's awesome that they got together to do this because they are both from different eras. I used to love BSB when I was younger and N'SYNC. It was definitely a more innocent era. I still love their music brings back memories. :)


You can tell popular music has hit an all time low when you have to run these losers out on stage again. PS - Didn't these guys just perform at the KB Toys store at the mall the other day?

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