Lindsay Lohan to Lose Linda Lovelace Role?

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Is Lindsay Lohan on the verge of losing her role as Linda Lovelace in Inferno? Producers have been patient, but say there's definitely a Plan B in the works.

Director Matthew Wilder has stood by Lindsay through her legal woes, waiting for her to star as the legendary porn star. But he's exploring all options.

After all, Lohan will be in rehab at least until January 3 per court order, and it's unclear if she'll be rushing back to work even when she does get out.

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Will Lindsay's Linda Lovelace biopic role be there when she gets out?

"We have been through a lot here, and although she is still our number one choice - we do have a Plan B if she cannot film Inferno," Wilder said.

"We have had a great response from other people who really want the part too. But we will wait until Lindsay has fulfilled all of her obligations."

Lohan's failed drug test in September forced Wilder and his producers to make plans beyond Lohan, who has not signed a binding contract, either.

For what it's worth, Linds has been dong well in rehab and so far has followed the rules imposed on her by both her counselors and the courts.

Time will tell if she can really turn things around, and what role work will play in her life immediately following her discharge from Betty Ford.

She's born for this role, though. Here's hoping it works out.


The role of Linda Lovelace would be just too demanding for Lindsay
at this point in her young life. She appears to be trying to get her focus and life back to when things were more simple before all of the madness that has become her life. Hopefully Lindsay will be able to regroup before appearing back in front of the cameras. Wishing this young starlet all the best!!


Ehhh I still wouldn't mind seeing her naked!!! I'm a perv though so I guess I'm biased!!! LOL


I think if they let her play in the movie its just gonna piss people off cus most people are getting tired of her bullshit n if she can get a job that quick after all that bs then give the other actors that cant act cus of bs or have gotten a bad rep some people might not even want to see the movie cus of lindsey


Leann Rimes is already a scank and her singing career is over..... give her the Linda Lovelace role.... she won't even have to "act" the character in the script! Just make sure she has a trailer that has a fold-out bed in it, so she can pork Eddie since thats all she talks about to the media....


Holy Moly... this story should produce some interesting comments. Don't know where to start. But, here goes! "Hey MiLo, why don't you show your daughter some true love with this opportunity and and be a 'stand-in' for her?" Ouch!!!


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