Kim Kardashian Plans Album, World Groans

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Following this disaster, Kim Kardashian might have finally realized she has no future in the fashion business.

So, what's next for the huge-boobed reality star? Gulp, a pop album.

Sources confirm that Kardashian is actually working with producer/songwriter Terius "The Dream" Nash on a CD, as insiders simply say: the duo is recording in New York City and "working on some fun music."

Wearing Ugly Clothes

Would you purchase a Kim Kardashian CD?


** We've actually come across rumored titles for this album. They are:

  • Kurvalicious
  • Ray (J) of Light
  • 808s and DDs
  • Tails from the NFL
  • Kan't Keep Me Down
  • Putting Mr. and Mrs. Autotune's Kids Through College
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Wow really? Why are some people famous for doing absolutley nothing!?? Back then u needed talent not sound effects! It seems nowadays my dog could be famous with money and a buttload of autotune!


Why wont this skank stick with one thing? I cant even watch E! without seeing her or her family on! SMH!!


Damn auto text! U got the gist...


Damn! U guys are haters! She's workin' the system, making millions. If we ALL could be so smart. She's hot and maybe her album will suck, but she sucker millions of dollars, again, because of one primal human instinct: curiosity. No way, strike one for Kim, shame on all of you. Bet none of you have make over $50,000 a year and none of u are sexy.


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Dan, i love your comments!
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