Ke$ha with a Mohawk: Awesome or Awful?

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Ke$ha broke out a mohawk at last night's Us Weekly's Hot Hollywood: Stars Who Care event.

On any other celebrity, this might be a shock. On Ke$ha, we're almost surprised it took so long for her to make like Brody Jenner.

Totally Mohawked
Unique Hairstyle

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The eccentric singer said she did the 'do herself and:

"Even when I do dress up it's never like a pretty girl. I think it's more interesting to have a little of your [own] style in anything... I'm definitely not the hottest girl in the world by far, but, you have to work with what you got!"

What do you think of the hairstyle?


her music is great but that MoHawk is AWFUL CUZ I'M THE MIZ AND I'M AWESOME!!


It. Looks. Terrible. Sorry.


she's cool, but i dont like the hair


im a fan of her but maby this hairstyle doesnt suit her...


She's so awesome!!!! love it. you've also got to give her credit for actually getting her hair to stay that way...mine always flops over and I look like an idiot. ;)


She looks like a slightly prettier version of Wendy O. Williams. Def not as talented or bada$$ as Wendy tho.

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