Darren Criss Covers Disney Classic

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Why are all Glee fans buzzing over Darren Criss? Why did this show promote this new actor to series regular after just one episode?

Viewers of the Fox series might know the answer to these questions, as Criss has come aboard in the role of openly gay student Blaine and made quite an impression. As for everyone else?

They'd be well-served to check out the following video, which features Criss covering a Disney classic, acoustic style. Sorry, Ariel, but we wish we were part of the rising star's world...


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I love Darren Criss! :) He's got such an amazing talent and he knows how to use it well. Go Darren!


Really? We find this as news? Darren has been doing covers like this for almost 3 years. If you want to feature his real talent, do a story on his songwriting/singing for his musical at his old college. That shows his talent.


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