Bristol Palin's DWTS Secret Weapon: Prayer

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Bristol Palin finished third on the Dancing with the Stars finale.

Considering the scrutiny and controversy she fought through - not to mention her lack of experience dancing - it's pretty darn impressive for the 20-year-old.

Her secret to overcoming all that adversity? Prayer.

Palin, who fell just short behind Kyle Massey and winner Jennifer Grey on last night's finale, drew ire from some fans for advancing despite relatively low scores.

"It is faith that got me through this, just praying all the time and just relying on God and knowing that He is on our side and we'll get through this," she said.

"Just persevere, have confidence, and be willing to go try new things," she said, asked what she'll take away from this. "I've grown so much as a person."

She's come along way since dating Levi Johnston. Follow the jump to see Bristol and Mark, along with their fellow finalists, on The View ...


God could absolutely care less who wins or looses on Dancing With The Stars. Bristol and Brandi are not in a popularity contest with God only with brain dead simpletons who believe the entire world revolves around evening programming. Of course, the Palin worshipers don't know much about the world do they? It is why they think Sarah is so smart. She knows kind of, sort of where Russia is located. For all her devotees know Russia is Ohio.


So God wanted Bristol to be one of the three finalists but not Rick Fox or Brandy or Kurt Warner??? What did they do to tick him off and to like Bristol better than all the contestants who were eliminated before Bristol was? Bristol and her Mom knew that there were Palin employees who were telling everyone on the internet how to get additional votes for Bristol by stuffing the ballot box. There was no way that Bristol could possibly believe that she was practicing as hard as the other dancers or that she was doing choreography on the same level of difficulty as the other dancers. She was clumsy, stiff as a board, had no sense of rhythm or musicality; she was overweight and had no energy. Dancing is more than shaking your booty but Bristol seemed to think this was dancing. Her routine was more suited to a strip tease or lap dance. When she walked during the competition, the whole room shook!


i love bristol! i think she is a sweet person! so young to handle so much hate for no reason. i wish her and her family only the best. yes, prayer is the answer!


LOL @ d-bo419


bristol palin is a no talent ho. she's certainly not a celeb and she has two left feet. a typical republican


LMAO at Z Listers comment


And today... her mom makes the statement that America should stand behind our Allies in NORTH Korea. God help em !!!

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