Taylor Momsen: Topless in Concert!

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It's as if 17-year-old Taylor Momsen was trying to send a message to the many critics of her recent gun-toting cover of Revolver and hyper-sexual image:

That message would be something akin to "I'm just getting started!"

Rocking out with her band The Pretty Reckless in NYC last night, T-Moms upped the ante, opening her shirt and exposing her breasts ("covered" by pasties).

This was no invasion of the Gossip Girl star's privacy by paparazzi. Taylor Momsen made sure concert-goers saw Taylor Momsen topless on stage. Insane.

Follow the jump for a photo and video of the "OMG" moment, which occurs shortly after the one-minute mark in the clip, courtesy of Hollywood Life ...

Taylor Momsen Topless

Yeah. You may or may not have just committed a criminal act by viewing this photo of a minor. Either way, cut your age in half, then add seven. If that number is 17 or under, ogle away. If not, you are offically a dirty, dirty individual.

Here's a video of the incident ...

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She looks like she has self esteem/Daddy issues and is looking for a one-night stand to quench her thirst for male attention.


What. A. Slut.


teylorarissssssssssss sexxxxxxx olll nayt


she is simply THE BEST ! sorry ..but the truth hurts :�


I like her on Gossip Girl. As far as her Um singing goes I don't care what she does. She's smart because everyone is freaking out commenting so no publicity is bad publicity


People seem to forget that she's an actress what she's like in gossip girl isn't going to be what she's like in real life she's ACTING its what she does. Complaing about the way she dresses is ridiculous if she feels comftable in what she wears then who you to judge her and its great that she's playing music SHE wants to play not what other people want her to play so the god sake leave her alone and let her live her life how she wants to


love tarloy monsen


god almighty... i think the faster we just stop talking about her, the faster she'll disappear. and the faster she disappears, the better. poser.


Seriously, she needs to stop acting so hard. It's not difficult to see through her. She just acts all punk an crap for attention. As for the topless part... Why are people complaining about Miley Cyrus when we now have THIS trash to deal with? It makes no sense!!!


I think she sounds great. People just need to let her do what she wants. What is the point of trash talking her, she is young, just trying to find her way. We all make mistakes and learn from them. Everyone has their own life style, if she is happy with the way she is living then good for her!

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