Taylor Momsen: More Inappropriate Than Miley?

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Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen recoils at Miley Cyrus comparisons, but she just pulled a Miley by ticking off the Parents Television Council with her antics.

Cyrus' new, overtly sexual video for "Who Owns My Heart" sparked outcry from the group, which criticized the example she sets for young, female fans.

Church Goers

Now it's a gun-toting, lingerie-clad Momsen, also 17, on the cover of Revolver magazine that has the PTC up in arms. Just like her nemesis Miley ...

BAD SEEDS: T-Moms and Miles are two peas in an inappropriate pod.

The PTC says that by making guns and violence seem sexy, Taylor contributes to the epidemic "of kids’ overexposure to hyper-sexualized media content, which has been linked to depression, eating disorders, and sexual risk-taking."

She can act hard all she wants, but this Taylor-Miley comparison won't be the last. Both are going out of their way to push the envelope and are far too young to behave in such a manner without offending people (justifiably or not).

The only real question: Who's more inappropriate?


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You people are ridiculous for bashing and for defending Miley. (As well as Taylor.) She is a 17 year old girl who happens to be famous; and yet, people seem to take time out of their lives to focus on somebody else's. It's annoying. Shut up. Personally, I love her show and her music, but I do not approve of the route she is taking, therefore, I don't particularly like her. However, it doesn't matter, does it? She is going to do what she WANTS and what her bosses want. Now why don't y'all make yourself useful and go vote on propositions rather than discuss the "sluttyness" of a mere teen.


and, @ Matinta...
Think about what you say before you speak.
That is ridiculously offensive. All girls are different and it's rude, stereotypical and ignorant to say that all American women are stupid leg-spreading underage-clubbing daddy's girls or aspire to be so.
I'm not saying I agree with all the things that the government does, but if you are going to argue politics; have some dignity, and try to express your argument with respect. You make liberals sound like generalizing children, and you make yourself look unworthy of responding to.


I could care less about the way these teenagers tout around their vajayjays like a catastrophic bisexual carnival, what I do care about is the disgrace they bring to music. The industry is becoming talentless superficial pornographic garbage. I can't stand music these days and artists like Kesha, who only talk about getting drunk and high and having sex, only contribute to the stupid, garbage-ass attitude and lifestyle kids these days want to inherit. Media has been and always will be an influence, and I don't care if the graduating class is dumb as hell and only wants to thug and get banged, I care that music funds off those properties and has become nothing but trash. Songs these days have shallow, redundant lyrics mixed with sorry, fallacious vocals and a decent, predictable beat with no climax, no allure, and people just take what they're given. It's sickening and I hope the music industry will someday be returned to it's former glory, in which music was music, not prostituting.


@Jason: You're generalizing too much. It's really narrow-minded to imply that if a teenage girl expresses or explores her sexuality, she's a 'slut'. Nobody is "morally obligated" to be conservative. Real morals aren't about clothing or dance moves, that's just a superficial and old fashioned notion that many people have the misfortune of being stuck with. Just because one generation does not conform to an older generation's repressive views on sexuality (let me guess: you're views are based on a practically useless centuries-old religious book?) doesn't mean they're all 'slutty.'


Miley pwnes.
Taylor sucks.


Actually Taylor has 3 months of Rock experience over Miley who doesn't know zilch about Rock.... You really hate Taylor don't you? Wonder why someone would hate on a 17 year old girl.... mm mm Take your advice if you think she is bad, don't follow her and don't let your kids (if you have any) follow her... leave her alone, let her fans enjoy her in piece, Taylor is an exceptional rock star you are just clouded by your hate she is being herself, if she makes mistakes that's her, she will learn from them... same as Miley, let them be!!!


Taylor Momsen is a joke
Miley Cyrus is a joke
Teenstars are all a big joke
Beatles are the best
Everyone else sucks


Taylor, if you ask me. Because I don't remember Miley saying things like a vibrator is her best friend, or singing about having sex with a priest. Miley has a sexual/ sexy image, but atleast she doesn't talk about sex in her songs. And as for influencing young girls - if you can't control your child, it's not Miley's fault. It's YOURS for being a bad parent.


They're both very innapropriate. Both are two girls who have decided to use their sex appeal to gain attention and sell records instead of their talent or personality. Teen girls in general are just becoming very slutty these days and have very little sense of moral obligation to present a classy image of themselves. quite unfortunate.

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