Muff Cabbage, Osama Bin Laden & Snooki: South Park Ridicules Jersey Shore and Then Some

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Love it or hate it, you have to give South Park credit for not holding back. The Comedy Central staple spoofed Jersey Shore last night, and didn't stop there.

The writers took shots at The Real Housewives of New Jersey, as well as at famed Al-Qaeda shot-caller Osama bin Laden, who ended up being a hero of sorts.

It made for predictably funny and inapprorpiate South Park quotes as always.

South Park's guidos look almost as ridiculous as real-life ones.

In the episode, titled "New Jersey," Teresa Giudice from the RHONJ franchise is animated as the woman who likes to flip out when it comes to her family.

Snooki of Jersey Shore also got the cartoon treatment, but barely resembles a human being. Instead, she's a primitive, chain-smoking smoosh monster.

After coining the requisite new terms ("muff cabbage" ... wow), the gang decides to take a last stand against the Jerseyfication of the world. Giddy up.

Watch a clip of Snooki on South Park after the jump ...

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Snooki want pickle smoosh smoosh...


I think that Crazy Shawn is a little schoolboy bitch.


Snooki never looked better!


LMAO .. This was one of my favorites I hate the Jersey Shore show I'm actually from the jersey shore and I've lived here for 20 years and I've never seen anyone like those scumbags from jersey shore around here ... MTV is a Disgrace to Television.. Remember when MUSIC TV actually played Music videos OMFG hard to believe isn't it ... MTV should be renamed to DRAMA TV because i haven't seen music in years! That SouthPark episode makes NJ look bad but "The Jersey Shore" Makes NJ look even Worse IDK who the fuck thought people from jersey were actually like that idk where they found those scumbags Theyre not even real italians THAT SHOW SUCKS but everyone loves it because those people are full of drama and thats what people live for in this SHITTY WORLD .. cant wait to move to mexico so i dont have to see any of this BS ... THANKS SO MUCH SOUTHPARK FOR MAKING FUN OF JERSEY SHORE KEEP IT UP


This episode was epic! Love it especially how they portrayed Teresa and Snooky, I was LMAO!!


The name of last Wednesday night's South Park episode was "It's a Jersey Thing", NOT "New Jersey". Please get your facts straight. Thank you.


I liked this episode "Its a Jersey thing" very much. The way snooki was potrayed was owesome. Even Arnold was accurately imitated and the Real Housewifes were hammered well.


To p: I think your deeper thoughts about whatever you thought about the episode makes sense. But it just reminded me of this one episode from South Park called The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs where the boys write a disgusting and stupid story that is completely nonsense and other adults end up reading the story and adults thought it has really deep meanings about whatever but boys just wrote that story just for sake of being gross and funny. I thought South Park captured characteristics of Jersey Shore people real well. And Snooki looks just like the real one. Ha.


Matt & Trey had one of their all-time bests on last night ! It was GREAT ! The only one that made me laugh more and r eflect more was "Major Boobage".


Funny. And I think the use of Al Quaida has a deeper meaning than some people get. Our war with AL Quaids (not Islam, just AlQaida's version) is a cultural one. Similarly, all of America should be in a cultural war with Jersey Shore, the Real Housewives and MTV in general. There has been an explosion of "reality" TV that depicts America in some of the most disgusting ways and has hte potential of degrading values by making the values of the "reality" tv stars seem accpetable. For example, the cast of the Jersey Shore seem to place no restrictions on "smooshing," and make sexual promiscuity seem okay. South Park goes far in suggesting this "cultural war" is worse than the war with Al Quaida. But it is arguable whether the silent destruction to our culture and values being committed by such shows is indeed as bad as the visible war with Al Quaida.

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