Alex Stebbins: Lady Gaga Stole Luc Carl From ME!

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What Gaga desires, Gaga takes. That includes Luc Carl.

Alex Stebbins, grow a pair and deal with it, Missy.

According to a new report, there was no "Poker Face" needed for the campaign waged by Lady Gaga to make her ex-boyfriend Luc Carl fall in love with her again.

Just a Slab of Meat

Despite the fact that he had moved on with actress Alex Stebbins, the Lady used her vast array of sexy outfits, love games, fame and fortune to woo him back.

"One night in June, Gaga showed up at Luc's apartment and rang his buzzer when Alex was at work," a source says. "She basically offered him the world if he got back with her. It turned out to be an offer Luc couldn't refuse."

More scandalously, Luc wanted to have his meat dress and eat it too. As he weighed reconciling with the rumored hermaphrodite, "He told Alex to wait for him! It was like, 'I'm gonna see what happens, but don't go anywhere. Hang tight.'"

Stunned, Alex packed her things and split. Probably for the best.

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Luc Carl it's amaizing =)
I like her ! It's nice and cute +.+
Kisses from Portugal*


legal muito legal


with all the fame and money she has in the world, she runs back to some fugly ex-boyfriend? how sad and pathetic.


two sides to every story. let's hear Alex's side next..!!!


dude i dont know whats worse this luc is such a tool and ga ga is such a freak like you are so gossip find me a trew dish there are tastey break me ga ga if you follow the road youl leave her dead on the tracks fubar monkey


i can't picture her with the net trying to catch him.she had money and he came running.


I didnt know lady gaga was into dudes. I thought she was just into things.


Luc is gross and creepy. He wrote a book called "Drunk Diet" ~so enlightening.