New Film Goes Deep Inside Amy Fisher

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Amy Fisher became famous for shooting her lover's wife in the face as a teenager. Then she starred in her own sex tape after she got out of prison. Living the dream.

Apparently she was so inspired by the aforementioned romp that she's making it a full-time profession. That's right, get ready for the blockbuster release of 2010:

Deep Inside Amy Fisher. Wonder what the plot is ...

SO SEDUCTIVE: A glimpse of the unrivaled passion that is Amy Fisher.

Fisher said she got to work with some of the sexiest men in porn, such as Tommy Gunn and Dale Dabone, as well as doing a girl-on-girl-scene with Lisa Ann.

“Working with Lisa Ann was absolutely amazing,” Fisher said. “She is stunning, erotic, and was an absolute thrill. I can’t wait to make more movies with her."

Dale Dabone, of course, used to give da bone to Jennifer Capriati, and blamed the tennis champ's recent drug overdose on his return to porn after a hiatus.

What does this have to do with Fisher? Nothing. We're just saying.


She has a huge cast...Dreamzone hooked her up


what's up with these damn porn people thats how kim got her business started and monata fishbures and now amy hooe fisher


Porn is a business people. Doubtful Amy Fisher is making porn movies for free. Someone is buying them. Probably because she is sexy IMAO. Personally, I don't care what she's done in her life, if I want to watch porn, I'd watch her. We all love sexy ladies.


Once a hoe always a hoe!


Amy Fisher *is, what she always was, an out there-don't bit more care vixen. Just the thought that Mary Jo has a forgiven heart, and was the one person who influenced an early release for Fisher to get out of prison earlier than her sentence. Since then Mary Jo has gone on with her life, and at last hearing she was happy in a relationship with a wonderful man, something that evidently is a void in the life of Amy Fisher.

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