A Look at the Amy Fisher Sex Tape

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In a story about as shocking as the words of Nicole Narain labeling Britney Spears as an unfit mother, Amy Fisher has a sex tape.

Lou Bellara - who somehow married the trigger-happy Fisher - told The New York Post he regrets selling off a sex tape he made with his wife. Bellara sold the video after Amy dumped him to start dating Joey Buttafuoco again.

"We were estranged. She was seeing Joey," Lou said. "I was seething about the whole thing. It just came to a point where I was hurt and embarrassed by it... and it pressed the wrong button. I just used that as a vehicle to strike back at her."

Hey, at least this guy is honest. Ray J is out there, driving around in expensive cars, still pretending he had nothing to do with the release of the Kim Kardashian sex tape.

This video is titled "Amy Fisher Caught On Tape." It's available from Red Light District.

Somewhere out there, Keeley Hazell is cursing the fact that her public display of intercourse is becoming common practice at this point.

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nice ass look like she likes to suck dick


What a piece of ass! You HAVE to see this DVD. I can't stop cumming!!!!


I saw the tape Dec. 2007 and I found it to be good quality and good scenes by Amy and her ex-husband. She is still Gorgeous and I give it an Excellent review. Good job Amy.
Would you ever do another tape?


You can see the video once it is released at Amy Fisher Tape Enjoy!


I want to glaze amys ass like a cinnabon!
She is HOT!


amy looks good i wish she was in my bed with me right now


amy looks good i wish she was in my bed with my right now


grease ball rick october should choke his chickenand still fantasize about amy fisher. It's asclose to her he will ever get. go buttafuocco.


Amy looks better then ever. The only thing I could never figure out is how such a beautiful woman could even be seen with a grease ball like that Buttafuoco jerk yet alone sleep with him. Some guys have all the luck to hook up with someone as gorgeous as Amy. Amy should be in movies and not this kind although I can't wait to see it. Cheers

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