Lindsay Lohan Denied Bail, Taken Into Custody!

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Let the soap dropping fun begin, because Lindsay Lohan was unexpectedly denied bail and remanded into custody this morning pending a full probation hearing.

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    This girl is a pathetic train wreck. Not only does she do drugs knowing that she was gonna be tested but then when she gets caught, she's shocked and her crazy father places the blame on everyone and everything except where it belongs. She will never, ever get herself straight until 2 things happen - she's far, far away from her neurotic family and she spends an enormous amount of time in jail. Maybe, just maybe that will straighten her out.


    wow to bad so sad she going to jail


    Famous daughter, infamous father. Look for Michael L. to be on Larry King Live,or make his "fatherly" rounds on the morning news programs for the next few days,he uses his daughter's fame to garner attention to his own negative behavior, and Lindsay evidently wants nothing to do with him.


    Doucshenozzle??? Let's just keep it simple he is a DOUCHE BAG Peiod! But that is hilarious!!
    This is only the first step for her. She has a lot of problems and jail will only do so much. Look what happened the first time she went to jail and released. Nothing changed! Still the same immature little girl who thinks their is nothing more to life than to party! Good example Paris freaking Hilton! She is now getting banded from countries, is this the next step for L.L.?? Maybe...


    good for the judge/ she acts like she is above the law. it is about she gets what she deserves . she is spoiled brat who is very disrespectful , self centered. as far as her parents go , they did a ppor job of raising her. they will probably do the same with the other daughter and blame everyone else . they need to take the blame for her actions too, although she is supposed to be an adult , she needs to act like one, not a selfish , spolied brat. she got what she deserves.


    wonder if she went back to her natural hair color to match the customary prison attire


    Doucshenozzle - that word made me chuckle Free Britney. So you guys have legal experts there?

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