Lady Gaga Stole Identity from Lina Morgana, Mother of Late Teen Claims

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This is an unusual story: a woman named Yana Morgana claims that Lady Gaga is only famous due to her late daughter, Lina Morgana.


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    Timeline of events surrounding the death of Lina Morgana.


    Thou Shall Not Have Any Idols


    Rumor is that Rob Fusari who created the Lady Gaga character was going to have Lina Morgana play the part. Gaga wrote songs with Lina Morgana and was to be the back up singer. But with Stefani's desperation for fame, she wanted to overtake the part of Gaga and pushed her way in and Lina out of the role. Her video Paparazzi details the sacrificial murder of Lina Morgana so Stefani could become Gaga instead.


    No disrespect to the deceased..... but no.... I watched the video [and did my research on dates unlike the people who wrote this apparently] and I'm afraid that apart from that one hood thing they both seemed to wear - there's really not much that's the same. Even then, Lady Gaga came got big long before this girl killed herself... don't know what this "month later" was the writer is claiming...
    I'm not even a hardcore Gaga fan, but respect the artists people.


    Lady gaga stole Lina Morgana's style (staple) before she died though. And when Gaga became successful and Morgana didn't, she committed suicide. That's all i know atm.


    The only people who wouldn't believe this are fans of Lady Gaga. I believe this. Didn't she admit to this?

    @ Mia

    But it's blatantly obvious by the video that their styles are completely different?


    Does anybody in this world do their research before making accusations? Lina's website says she died October 4th, 2008. Lady Gaga's first single, Just Dance was released April 8th, 2008. No disrespect to Lina intended, but I don't think Gaga had anything to do with her death. It'd be nice if the ignorant people in this world could allow everyone else to just enjoy music without all the name-calling, hatred and bullshit that is directed at artists in the music industry.


    'If' true...only a brainwashed idol worshiiper would be shocked...or most children.


    Why is everyone out to get Gaga? Here is a woman who spreads love and acceptance and everyone other than her little monsters are hating on her. With respect to the girl, Gaga did not steal her identity. Gaga is Gaga and nobody else is like her except the wannabes. I don't know about you but Gaga is the only person I know who wears a meat dress, has had her tits explode and enters a concert on a unicorn. She is completely real and unique and people are to irrogant to see that.


    meat dresses to wear along with those penis high heel shoes. she didn't create a style for people to follow, nor did she open the gateway for people to be 'unique & free'- she's just a puppet on a string. & it doesn't matter what religion Stef is, either- once AGAIN, she has people to tell her what to say, what to think, & what to portray, & right now, she's downright Illuminati.
    all naysayers will just cry FAKE FAKE MOMMY MONSTER IS DA GREETEST I WUB HER, but ya'll are lost in a world of a twisted fantasy. she doesn't love her fans- she loves your money, just like all the other radio stars.
    but go ahead & keep believing that she really cares about you & your feelings, since it makes you all feel so much better about yourself. just know that as you're crying & boohoo-ing to yourself, listening to Born This Way because 'daddy i weally was born dis way', she's laughing her happy ass down to the bank with your money, just like a real politician! :)

    @ aBrie

    Shut up, faggot.

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