Laurence Fishburne to Montana: I'm Done With You!

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Montana Fishburne's famous dad isn't pleased with her career choice.

Many fathers have been in that position, sure, but few quite like this.

She recently released her adult film debut, despite Laurence Fishburne's efforts to buy every last copy of the Chippy D sex tape before it hit the open market.

He was too late, Montana Fishburne became an instant success in the industry and was offered a multi-film deal by Vivid, and Laurence is through with her.

So says Montana herself. She called Laurence Monday for the first time since she unveiled her plan to enter the world of porn, and he was none too happy.

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Laurence and Montana Fishburne are officially estranged.

Laurence told her she is "unwelcome in his life" and wants nothing to do with her, at least for now, after Chip joined the roster of Vivid Entertainment stars.

According to Montana, her dad's direct quote was, "I'm not going to speak with you 'til you turn your life around." He also said that "You embarrassed me."

Hey, give a girl credit for at least being up front about doing porn for the sake of doing porn, unlike hypocrites like Kim Kardashian and their "leaked" tapes.

The CSI star raised one additional, valid criticism of the 19-year-old's XXX debut, telling her "You used your last name. No one uses their real name in porn."

Her co-star? Brian Pumper. Point taken.


Actually she's got nice hooters


Her dad prob mad cheap,celebrity kids want there own money, she tired of begging! Sum rich people r cheap as hell she want her own,the right way takes too long to get ahead! It really does!

@ Mpurks

You don't know that AT ALL. Why assume?


Spoilt ungrateful celeb children, whats new? Obviously being a famous movie actor or music artist and bringing up children doesn't mix. Just another train wreck celeb child :-) Sorry Laurence, your a great actor but I guess just not much of a dad.

@ smilez

In all fairness, she's 19 years old. He doesn't control her life. There are a log of bad kids with great parents and vice versa. I'm not of the school where you blame everything on the parents. When are adult children responsible for their own behavior?


She is being talked about like she is a little child at 19 and needs protection and permission from her Dad. It would be nice, but even if she is making a mistake, it's hers to make. If we can send an 18 year old to Combat, why are we concerned with one deciding to do Porn. Is it that people are really concerned about this 19 year young adult doing porn, or is it that it hurts her dad, or is it just the fact most people say porn is immoral, while nobody says a thing about girls that date a new guy every couple weeks? Adults dating have sex, in her case she gets cash instead of gifts and meals.


Montana Fishburne is a hoe, and has been for quite a while! She's only 18 years old. Nobody paid attention to the hours that she kept? What about cutting school? Did her grades fall? Didn't anybody recognize her choice in clothing when she left/entered the house or other events? With stretch marks and blotches, Montana's porno career won't last too long. The industry is only hyped now to capitilize on the fame of her father, Larry Fishburne. They could care less about an empty-headed, nobody like her. We've heard what Larry has to say about this shame on the family, but what is Montana's mother saying? Is this a case of like mother like daughter? Who and at what age introduced Montana Fishburne to this alternative form of prostitution? Today it is Montana, which celebrity's child will it be tomorrow?

@ WoW

lol larry fishburne? its Laurence, dummy


That is precisely why I am glad to have two boys. It would still be embarrassing, just not as painful. That father-daughter connection is pretty sacred.


hahaha "nobody uses their real name in porn'' thats what i'd be saying if i was her dad too. you don't have to be famous to know that lol. she sounds special...


To Roseroyce: Very nicely said! I agree with most of it but not the that last line. She doesn't need to find God to be a better person, she needs a good slap in the face once or twice and get a reality check!! Just saying...


Because of who your father is, a lot of opportunities were available to you that are not to other young ladies. No father, whether famous or just an ordinary working man, would want every man on the planet to see his daughter be a porn star. It makes money but it does not bring you respect. Its sad to think that your role model is none other than that trashy, gold-digging slut, Kim Kardashian. One day you are going to wake up and you will be 25 years old and look back and regret every minute of this. You should be "living to please a way that is holy and honorable."


I understand what her father must feel, wow a porn star girl think twice,

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