Lauren Froderman Wins So You Think You Can Dance

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So You Think You Can Dance ended its season finale last night with two broken hearts, one dancer $250,000 richer and everyone in need of a crash cart.

The three finalists - Kent Boyd, Lauren Froderman and Robert Roldan - danced eight routines between them, and the All-Stars got quite the workout, too.

Contemporary Dancers

When the votes came in, Lauren was the winner.

The 18-year-old cheerleader from Phoenix, Ariz., pulled a modest upset over Kent, the judges' and fans' golden boy from the first audition of the season.

"There's a ton of things I'd like to say," said Lauren, battling shock, laughter and tears as her name was announced over Kent's (Robert was ousted first).

"But I can't!"

AMERICA'S FAVORITE DANCER: Lauren Froderman deserved the honor!

Despite being the only female dancer in the show's top six this year, Lauren proved week after week that she was a force to be reckoned with, even against Kent.

She couldn't be confined to one particular genre and managed to be sexy, feminine and technically proficient in ways most dancers, even elite ones, struggle to.

One awesome, random surprise of the So You Think You Can Dance finale? Ellen DeGeneres filling in for the injured Alex Wong to get down with some hip-hop.

The woman loves to dance. Wonder if there's something to the fact that producer Nigel Lythgoe is returning to American Idol, which Ellen just left the panel of.

In any case, congratulations again to Lauren (and Kent and Robert)!


hi im shona bretherton :) im a HUGE fan of Lauren Froderman.. since the day she first auditioned, she was my favourite. I live in South Africa, so unfortuantley we can't vote. But every night i would watch the show, and pray Lauren would make it, and she did.. when Cat Deeley announced her name as the winner os SYTYCD i was soo proud and excited for her. she deserved it, she grew into a miauture dancer. she certainly doesnt dance as a 18 year old. i love her.. shes my idol and i look up to her. she has everything going for her. i also loved Kent, he also grew into a beautiful miauture dancer, robert just blew my mind.. But lauren your the best, i totally LOVE YOU


Thrilled that Lauren won, and I voted for her every night. She is excellent at everything. I did vote for Billy also, and was miffed when he was eliminated. He is a tremendous talent. Actually, there were no poor dancers this year, but Jose' overstayed his welcome. He is one excellent B-boy type, but that is it!!!! Kent is just superior, but he was too over the top for me. I was afraid he would beat her. He and Robert should have NO trouble finding work!
Lauren is everything I would love to be. She is so pretty, sweet, talented, and down to earth. It's unusual to find all these qualities in one girl these days. Hope she finds huge success.


Lauren is awesome, I voted for her frequently, what a role model.


It is too bad Alex was injured. As good as I feel Lauren really is, I believe Alex was going to own this season. His technical training combined with his many years of being groomed by Edward Villella in the art of dance, would have been too much talent for anyone else to overcome. Having said that, Lauren's victory was every bit as satisfying as Alex's would have been. It gratified and tugged on one's heart strings as it filled us to the limit with wonderment at the talent and great anticipation for the happiness yet to be given us by this sweet,sweet young lady. So, I say with love, congrats Lauren; God bless you and your family, and may this start of a promising career bring you happiness as it brings us joy.


i can't belive it is true.
lauren is my favorite dancer.