Ex-Boyfriend of Ali Fedotowsky Shops Topless Pic

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Ali Fedotowsky found love on The Bachelorette. But with Roberto Martinez comes the obligatory deluge of rumors about her personal life - including her past.

An ex-boyfriend has reportedly shopping a topless photo of the reality TV star, according to Radar Online, and it sounds incredibly scandalous. Only not at all.

Various media outlets have been contacted about the photo, which purportedly shows Ali Fedotowsky topless, on her knees, with her hands on her breasts. Beer is being poured on Ali's breasts by someone who is off camera.

Only one hand of that person is visible.

Ali Fedotowsky, Roberto Martinez Photo

Now a public couple, Roberto and Ali go for a stroll.

“An ex-boyfriend of Ali is using a broker to shop the photograph,” a source said of the man from Ali's supposed drug and sex fiend past. “No deal has been made yet but the ex has a lot of other material from his time dating her.”

“The seller of the topless photo wants to remain anonymous right now,” the source said. “But it is one of her ex boyfriends. There’s more. She liked to party.”

Wow. Shocking that a random, cute girl who went on The Bachelor and Bachelorette once went crazy at a party. This will surely stun and devastate Ali fans.

Ali is engaged to Roberto Martinez, who proposed on the show’s finale, and the downside of fame hasn't appeared to take a toll on their relationship ... yet.

Will it last between them?


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hmmm thats really surprising i never really thought that i wud see nude pics of her on webcam buhh wdh thats girls these days n yuu gotta admit every1 has a past i mean every1 is young n do stupid things i just hope she doesnt do anythin wen she is wit roberto or i will lose huge respect for her shes a really nice girl n as for her ex bf GO TO HELL !!!! yuu jealous motherfucker...


Here's an idea: don't pose naked in front of a camera if you don't want anyone to ever see pictures of you naked. It's not like we're talking quantum physics here... The utter stupidity of 99.99999% of humanity utterly disgusts me. Furthermore, all of you vapid fucktards who watch shows like The Bachelor/Bachelorette: I sincerely hope you all die. You are all that is wrong with humanity. None of you contribute anything of worth to society, and you perpetuate the unending cycle of shitty "reality" shows. Please get AIDS and die slowly.


The dirtbag who is shopping around with these photos might want to re-think. Once his name gets out there, who would ever want to date such an untrustworthy loser? Cashing in on his ex-girlfriend is so cool. He could go hang out with Justin Rego and they could get all the great chicks. Yeah right.


What a jerk! Envious, nasty S.O.B.


Ali and Roberto have already swam with stingrays, so a shark or two is just another thing to deal with.


Another EX trying to cash in......this loser and Levi need to go out for drinks!! Roberto is not stupid......if he can watch her make out with the 25 guys.......don't think the pictures from her past are going to separate them. All I have to say...thank goodness cell phones were not around when I was young!! :)


Everybody has a past, shoot that reminds me, I have naked pictures of me out in the world. I hope I dont become famous one day LOL all joking aside I dont think this will affect the relationship roberto and ali have. Roberto should go kick the ex-boyfriends @$$


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