Celebrity Hairstyle Showdown: Jessica Simpson vs. Carrie Underwood

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Jessica Simpson and Carrie Underwood both have some great hair.

Both stars recently made a French connection of sorts, with plaiting just at the hairline to keep their waves beachy. It's a look that works best on both Jessica, who recently started dating Eric Johnson, and Carrie, who just married Mike Fisher.

Which Tony Romo ex-girlfriend looked best, though? Vote below!

Jess vs. Carrie

Who has better hair?


I am a fan of both.So I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY THAT IS BAD!But I just think that Carrie's hair is beautiful an dJessica's is not as much!


Carrie's hair is beautiful! But Jessica's it alright I would wear it if I had to.


They are both beautifu. Those who say otherwise I would love to see your pic. PS: not really


THEY DON'T LOOK LIKE SISTERS, COUSINS,RELATIVES ETC.... THEY DON'T LOOK LIKE THEY SHARE THE SAME BLOOD LINES AT ALL....."SORRY" BUT THANKFULLY FOR CARRIE THEIR ARE NO COMPARISONS BETWEEN THE TWO. Jessica isn't attractive anymore, once and far away in a show called "newlyweds" she was with her fit little bod and ginormous boobs, take that away and all you have is a chick that has a masculine face..it's like papa Joe with make-up,...HER LOOKS ARE GONE GONE GONE carrie is gorgeous i can't even believe their comparing these two it's like comparing beauty and the beast... carrie wins!


i don't see ANY similaritites at all besides the blond hair they look NOTHING ALIKE....I REPEAT NOTHING ALIKE.... Jessica was pretty,innocent and sweet at one point in her life but that all ended along with her marriage,her career, she looks washed up..Jessica's looks have gone down...she's overweight, haggard, and she is used and abused if you know what i mean "sexual napalm"...she's been around to say Jessica looks like Carrie is a compliment to her and an insult to Carrie... Carrie by far hands down is the more beautifull girl that Jessica only wishes she looked like, sang like, had a career like, and she even has the wedding and the husband now..the girl has everythinag and poor Jessica is still desperate to find her love...she'll even go as far as to dating a married man...how pathetic is she.... poor little chubby pathetic insecure girl.. plain and simple
jessica: fat and trashy
carrie: beautifull and classy


How can you choose when they looks the same...


does anyone else find it weird when someone dates girls who look basically the same? they look like they could be sisters, it's kind of creepy....except for obviously carrie is the prettier of the two.
feel sorry for jess, she sure has fallen apart, she used to be so hot! what the hell happened??

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