Paris Hilton Arrested For Pot at World Cup

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Paris Hilton was arrested in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, at Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium for allegedly smoking marijuana a few hours ago at a World Cup match.

Not as surprising as the Netherlands' 2-1 win over Brazil, but unexpected!

The socialite was taken to the Mount Road Police Station in St. Croix, S.A. just before 8 p.m., Det. Mark Magadlela later confirmed to local news organizations.

It is believed that Hilton was indeed at the police station but has since been released. No further specifics were given as to why the ho-tel heiress was busted.

Paris Pose

Details of Paris' arrest remain murky at best.

Paris Hilton's Los Angeles-based lawyer says the 29-year-old has served her probation period, after her 2007 conviction for alcohol-related reckless driving.

Unlike Lindsay Lohan, her probation is complete (as of January 2010), taking a lot of the potential heat off her from this screw-up, whatever it consisted of.

One TMZ source also reports that Paris wasn't smoking dope, but an officer has reportedly said that Paris was caught red-handed in possession of weed.

Another report suggests it was a member of her entourage caught with the stuff, rather than Hilton herself, but that the whole crew was subsequently booked.

More details to follow as the story develops...

UPDATE 7/3: Paris is off the hook for the whole thing, and has been released from custody, with police reportedly even apologized for misidentifying her. Her rep claims the culprit already pleaded guilty, paid a small fine and was released.

Sorry Paris!


Paris H. was NOT arrested. It was a photographer in the group who paid a small fine and was let go.


i thought she wont get in troble again because she went to jail well her and liz shouled go together and be lovers there and who cares


this is just stupid who cares if she gets busted or falls down or even makes another stupis sex video i am sure there are more important things in this world to worry about fk paris hilton who by the way has no talent what so ever i think she sould go to south america a dissapear!!!but thats what i think who cares!!


They just wanted to frisk her which is understandable,


ha,ha.. nobody told her to support the GREEN team they lost anyway. lol.. im from Cape Town, she wuldve never gotten away with it here!!! can u say POLLSMORE??? lol


FIY: She's the laughing stock here in SA. One Radio DJ suggested the following: "How about a reality show going like this: "THE CELL, WITH PARIS HILTON, FEATURING SWAZI RED & DURBAN POISON". Ha ha - go back Paris - you're not a hit with us!


well...what world can say...
a billionare princess...
maybe she's just confused in which more ways she could spend her money out


paris is gawgus, i dont want her to go to jaill!


hahahaha wen will stars learn


Isn't it alreadyLindsay's turn to get busted for something again?Or time for Brit go bat sh*t crazy and swing at a car with an umbrella or pierce her skull or something equally bonkers?It's been a long time since one of them has opened her legs to flash her hoo-ha at the public, too.

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