Oksana Grigorieva Denies Leaking Mel Gibson Tape

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Mel Gibson is a vile, sexist, racist, hate-filled individual.

That said, the fact that his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his child, Oksana Grigorieva, was secretly recording him on the phone begs another set of questions.

Did she provoke the Mel Gibson rant that leaked to tabloids over the weekend? Is she responsible for the leak? Should she be held in contempt of court for it?

Oksana Grigorieva says she never meant for the nasty Mel Gibson tape to go public and has "no idea" who leaked it. Uhhh, so since she recorded it, who did?

Mel and Oksana are currently battling over custody of their eight-month-old daughter, Lucia. She accuses him of hitting her and even of making a gun threat.

Is Oksana Grigorieva trying to set Mel Gibson up?

Confronted by Pacific Coast News, Oksana did not have much to say about Mel, but insists she didn't want the tapes out there and she thinks "it's terrible."

Mel's side isn't buying her story, and his lawyers have already filed a contempt motion against Grigorieva because they believe she did in fact leak the tapes.

It's unclear what the consequences would be if they prove this, but attorneys for Gibson allege that Oksana is lying about him hitting her and is extorting him.

They say she recorded him in secret and wanted money for the tapes.

None of this changes that Mel's true colors - those of a boorish, despicable human being - were exposed on the tape. But it makes you question her motives.


The woman is gold digging evil bitch, it's so obvious.


"should she require a restraining order"
This country does not require ANY evidence whatsoever to issue a restraining order. This is the outrageous assault on the Constitution and human rights that often victimizes the innocent who is being left without any personal belongings or money or shelter in a matter of minutes. It's all the matter of who ran to the judge first. No physical evidence, no nothing but an oral statement under oath that nobody bothers to verify, like, calling the cops and ask if there were any prior complains or any family battle. Whatever is said is being taken for granted. Isn't it something?


"And it certainly does not sound like the battered woman syndrome." How is a battered woman supposed to act? Grab a child and go live on the street? I called the cops when my ex got crazy ranting and raving like Mel. Care to know what happened next? NOTHING! The cops said he could act whatever he wanted in his own house. No bruises - no case. Like no body - no crime. So, after they left he kept going hoping I would lose my cool and hit him. He was asking for it and I mean literally: Hit me, hit me, hit me. So, I can't blame Oksana. Whatever she is - a bitch, a gold digger, c*** or wh*** he knew what he was doing making her pregnant. He is no underage and she is not his school teacher.


Hey there globetrotter I have to agree with you. This wont be swept under the rug by the morally bankrupt hollywood like it does for one of its liberal bretheran. How many cocaine induced rants do you think Robert Downey JR. had and now hes on top. However this is Mels 2nd meltdown in as many years! Every time I see her photo I automatically think shes the OCTO-MOM...


Where was this outrage when the fat Baldwin brother went off on his daughter. What about Polansky drugging and raping a little girl. Hollywood showed up for his defense! Hollywood embraced Baldwin and boosted his image by giving him every cameo possible. Gibson is a conservative who makes patriotic and religiouse movies so be assured he wont receive the same treatment.


oh man, what's this world comming to. it's like everywhere I turn someone did something extremely idiotic/stupid/evil... imo both mel and oksana are a lousy human beings, that's that. actually, the whole hollywood reeks. something's gotta change.


isn't Mel Bi-Polar? that would explain a lot.


I sure am hearing a lot of holier than thou comments. Sure he is ranting and raving. I would put money on that she said plenty to him before hitting that record button to get his reaction. My husband and I have said terrible things to each other in the heat of an argument. Getting physical is not cool, but whose to say she is telling the truth about that? Is there a Dr. report? If not, why not? And her claiming she did not leak these tapes is BS. Of course she did! I think she was trying to blackmail him, and Mel you should have known better than to get involved with her!! She is a cheap user.


I've been in an abusive relationship and I heard the tapes. My ex had a drinking problem and would call me randomly, without the slightest provocation to threaten me over the phone, threaten my family etc. From what I heard, I'm 99% sure Oksana did not provoke him, men like that are unstable. I always leaned towards "the 2 sides to the story: abused women somehow provoke their partners" but after what I experienced, abusive men are gonna be abusive regardless. I've recorded my ex, I didn't plan for it or get things started to do so, but he called me one night, and just started being so abusive and I couldn't understand why. Then I started getting scared for my safety, and just pressed the record button on my phone in case, I needed further evidence if things escalated. I deleted the convo, we're no longer together and emotionally, it has all been an uphill battle. My prayers to Oksana.


what is wrong with some you people. whether she is setting him up or not.. nothing changes the fact that this man says, "blow me, you whore." throws every racial slur out there, pants like a lunatic. she may be pushing his buttons, she may be a gold digger, but clearly the horrible person he is is there. it just needs to be set free. it is always bubbling under the surface. i am in no way condoning her actions, (that is, if they are in fact wrong) but some of your comments prove why women hide rape and abuse. because it often become the question of what did she do to deserve it. WRONG!

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