Oksana Grigorieva: Lying About Mel Gibson Attack?

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Her accusations against Mel Gibson - physical violence, coupled with racist and sexist tirades - are absolutely sickening. But is Oksana Grigorieva telling the truth?

That's what law enforcement officials wonder, having "serious concerns" over Oksana's credibility in connection with her domestic violence claim against Gibson.

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We've spent plenty of time detailing her accusations against Mel, including his viciously profane, racist tirade. But the counter-argument is she's lying for money.

Moreover, sources are saying that Mel Gibson has emails and other evidence that Oksana "tried to extract money from Mel in return for the [explosive] tapes."

Oksana Grigorieva apparently recorded several explosive arguments with the actor, with whom she split in January and has an eight-month-old daughter, Lucia.

BITTER BATTLE: Who's telling the truth, Mel or Oksana?

Investigators are concerned that Oksana had contact with lawyers and judges while she negotiated a visitation agreement with Mel but never once contacted police.

Oksana was represented by lawyer Eric George, the son of California Supreme Court Justice Ronald George, to handle the visitation case surrounding Mel and Lucia. 

She endured two full days of mediation in May, conducted by two former judges, one of whom a former federal prosecutor, and negotiated a visitation agreement.

The agreement, signed by both Oksana and Mel, gave Mel full visitation rights and future joint legal custody of their daughter. But soon, she sang a different tune.

Last month, Oksana refused to give Mel his visitation rights and alleged abuse for the first time. Police are currently investigating Mel Gibson for domestic abuse.


She's a fortune hunter. She found Mel and then moved in for the kill, which was to get pregnant. She probably told him she was using birth control, too. Now she has the meal ticket and she's going for the gold. Sure, his rants are distasteful, but you're only seeing one side of the story. And not coincidentally, a lot of this is an attempt to blackball Mel from the entertainment industry -- 'nuff said.


it's difficult to draw a conclusion to something that has not even started yet, a hearing regarding their child's custody hasnt started therefore at this point let's give mel and oksana both the benefit of the doubt because admit it, the alleged tape arguments are not been revealed. all allegations to mel's domestic violence issue and racist/sexist rants will soon be revealed because investigation is still going on. it's easy to join in Team Oksana or Team Mel depending on how you weigh the information fed by the media but at this time, all i can hope is whoever speaks the truth win the custody battle.


I am totally against wife beaters but... This is all to slick. Besides that, the woman is clearly playing him in those taped conversations. To me her voice is very lazy, hollow, not at all in panic, too controlled and in fact irritating to the bone. It's just like that voice in the pilot of the cartoon "Family Dog" where the house wife wines about her life. Exactly that draining, lazy and mind sucking voice. Mel, if you read this drop me a line, I'll help you in the pre-justice preparations. -> hans@t7.com


She is a schemer, and that is the bottom line. She just bided her time to go after this guy's money. She has a track record, remember? Timothy Dalton, among others. Go back to Russia, and really learn to play the piano. You don't fool me. I hope Mel's lawyers really expose you for what you are. You should be charged with fraud and extortion,Oksana.


ye she is a fake. A pretty Russian girl like many others all about scamming the rich americans for money.
Mel has some personality problems for sure, but beating on ladies? I doubt that. Expecially where she initially gives Mel rights to jointly see his daughter. NO WOMAN in their sane mind would allow a physically abusive partner to hold their child alone. I'm pretty sure she is faking it, just to get Mels money. Things just don 't add up with this woman. Given Mels past issues in the media, it'd be a great time to kick Mel where it looks more believable. Mel aint bright.... she is smarter. Mel is a MAN, so you can't change some ways a man thinks even if he know s he may shoot himself in the foot. Thing here is, can Mel get past this one, I don't know.


Sorry but she has the tape of him with his vile threats. Mel's camp is sickening. Gross man! Hope she makes a mint off of him.


she is lying,she just wants his money,she is trying to trap him..


More wholesale character assasination, self-righteous indignation and politics of personal destruction when it comes to Mel Gibson. What else is new? The tapes have not even been released and already Gibson has been condemned. Whatever happened to the outrage over Roman Polanski? Oh, that's right. Polanski is a Hollywood darling so that all got swept under the rug by his friends like Woody Allen. ;-)


I suspect that the tabloid laden media was too quick to condemn Mel Gibson on this one. None of it seems to add up. More importantly, when did the mainstream media start treating garbage gossip sites like TMZ as if they were a legitimate news authority?


i forgot to add, that she will grow up with a father who has some really messed up views/opinions and bad ways of conducting himself.

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