New Charlie St. Cloud Posters Released, Very Handsome

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It may never see the sort of money Eclipse has cleared, and Zac Efron may never ascend to the heights enjoyed by Robert Pattinson...

... but are we crazy, or does Charlie St. Cloud look somewhat decent?

The drama opens on July 30 and features this former High School Musical star in the title role. His character is a local hero who gives up on his dreams following the tragic death of his little brother.

But there's a fantasy element to Charlie St. Cloud that we won't ruin for anyone that wishes to be surprised by it. Just know this: Efron looks as handsome as ever in the movie.

Check out a few stills from it NOW and drool over the posters below:

Watch a trailer for Charlie St. Cloud below and sound off: Will you go see this movie?


luv u efron... u rock,mann...


dude ur sooo cute and i am frm sri lanka and i lve u and i wil buy all ur mvies and ur so handsome than tht whte pig pattinson. sad 2 hear tht u brke up wth vanessa and ur bldy handsme man i hve no idea abt ur handsmenes lve u


I didn't get to see Me and Orson Wells, and hope it will be available for me soon, but....My daughter and I love Zac Efron, she does for his looks and I do because he seems so sincere, and I think he's a good actor.Today we say Charlie St Cloud and we loved!!! it. Very emotional, which Zac seems to be very good at. I'm pretty sure that we are going to see a lot more of him..


Personally , I'm in the middle of reading the book , and since I've seen the trailers for this movie , I can't help but picture Zac Efron as Charlie when I read the book . I can't wait to see the movie , I'm interested to see if Zac delivers . :)


i think zac is a great actor! so what if he did the saten summoning film troligy high school musical?! that doesn't mean he's "gay" or "can't act and will never be taken seriously" type of guy. Pattinson is a sex object. Not an actor. As for efron, he doesn't have AS MUCH female attention so people would know him more for his acting. The twilight sagas arn't famous for being good films. Pattinson, team jacob, team edward etc, is all there is for the films. Charlie st. cloud may not be any where near as successful as the twilight sag eclipse, but it will be a summer hit! I think zac deserves a better reputation for an actor that pattinson has for his looks! zac deserves the best!


Loved Zac's performance in "Me and Orson Welles" and am eager to see "Charlie St. Cloud." I think this one will really show what a solid actor he is.


I think it looks so good! I'm so excited for it! :) Zac looks lovely in the posters! :P


I can't wait to see this! I'm old enough to be his grandmother but I think he's really talented & cute as he can be. I loved him in Hairspray & 17 Again. Haven't seen Me and Orsen Wells because it never played where I live (Have to wait for the dvd).


Efron looks so plastic. No charisma at all


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