World Decries Mel Gibson N-Word Rant, Oksana Grigorieva Denies Leaking Tapes

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The explosive release of Mel Gibson's racist tirade against Oksana Grigorieva yesterday coincided with a scheduled court date between the feuding camps in L.A.

The parents of eight-month-old Lucia are fighting over custody, and went before a judge in a closed-door hearing regarding the case, which is still under seal.

Splitting in April, the couple insisted the breakup was amicable. But Oksana has since accused Gibson of knocking her teeth out during a January argument.

He denied that allegation, but the leak of Mel’s racist, misogynist, utterly vile tirade exposes just how tense the split was - and what a horrible person he is.

In any case, lawyers for both Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva spent lots of time in court talking about how the secretly-recorded tapes of Mel were leaked.

Oksana's lawyers "vehemently denied" that she was the leak of the tapes she allegedly has, and the judge never determined where the leaks came from.

Mad Mel
Poor Oksana

Mel rhymes with ... where he belongs. [Photos:]

A restraining order prohibiting Oksana Grigorieva from releasing tapes of Gibson is in place, and the judge made it clear to everyone to put a lid on it, STAT.

Lawyers for both sides complied and said nothing as they left. Public figures ranging from Jesse Jackson to Gloria Allred had no intention of staying mum.

Feminists are enraged at Gibson's profane outburst and his use of "whore" and "c**t" in reference to the mother of his child, among other choice quotes.

Having also alienated African-Americans - Mel said Oksana's outfit may lead to being "raped by a pack of n***ers" - repairing his image may prove difficult.

After all, it's not a one-shot deal. In 2006, Mel went on a similar rant about Jews and how they are responsible for all wars and all the world's problems.

This guy sucks.


I admire Mel he is diamond ,clean, but a little bit crazy because of his talant it's terrible that he had deal with such a dirty blad (sorry for Russian) must left her and go ahead and big big surprise Timoti Dalton- she is not russian woman she dont have russian blood even 1 % br...rrrr! for shure cox made that deal...


ITS A FREE COUNTRY, MEL CAN SAY WHAT HE WANTS, especially in a private conversation!! She is evil for taping him! LOOK AT REV. WRIGHT GOT AWAY WITH HIS RACIST RANTS...AND GOT EVIL OBAMA ELECTED!!! Unbelivable.


GO ATTACK PHONEY OBAMA INSTEAD OF MEL!! If most of the liberal left knew how evil Obama's intentions are for this nation, they would leave Mel alone! Oksana got what she signed up for: hassles galore for having a baby with a married man! She has NO CLASS... OKSANA, GO BACK TO RUSSIA, YOU HAVE NO CLASS!


I believe she leaked it, looking for sympathy for cause in getting money from him. We dont know what was going on in their relationship and how convenient she taped it,everybody already thinks he is a racist.We all say stupid stuff when we are angry,the comments were directed at her not me who so happens to be black.


Shame on him concerning the Black comments!!


Sad, but he doesn't need to worry this man has made millions I am not crying for him!!...The Jew comments though were correct on The "Wars" started on their/because behalf..Shame on him concerning the Black comments!!


This psycho needs to be hauled off in a straight jacket to an exorcist.


Oksana screwed a married guy and now gets what she deserves (so does he). Payback's a biatch.

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