Marisa Miller Named Earth's Sexiest Woman

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It seems like every magazine in the world comes out with a Sexiest Woman on the Planet poll at least once a year.

Finally, though, a publication has clearly made the right choice. (No offense, Kate Beckinsale!)

FHM says it asked over one million voters across two dozen countries to name the most attractive female on Earth. The winner? Marisa Miller. The proof? Right here:

Not only does Miller look like this, she appears to embrace housework!

Click on the following photos to see what we mean and then vote in the poll below:

FHM Beauty

Is Marisa Miller the sexiest woman on the planet?


Yea, this is not a good look or a good role model for young girls.


Oh, I forgot to say that Marisa Miller needs to eat a sandwich. She's the typical skin and bones model.


Kate Beckinsale destroys Marisa Miller. This is only proof that the people who voted have suspect tasted. Besides, online polls aren't worth a squirt of piss. Your own poll contradicts FHM's poll. LOL!


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Marisa Miller is a super, duper model. She's best known for wearing nothing but body paint during shoots for the Sports Illustrated... More »
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