Lady Gaga Rocks Hello Kitty Dress

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Having already worn an Animal skirt and an ensemble of Kermit the Frog dolls last year, Lady Gaga is not opposed to melding high fashion and stuffed animals.

The outrageous star traded in her favorite Muppets for another childhood icon last night, though: Hello Kitty! The occasion? Tuesday's episode of Double Exposure.

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Lady Gaga elevated Hello Kitty to a sexy new level while shooting the 35th Anniversary campaign for the character at the London shoot for the Bravo series.

Famed photographers Markus Klinko and Indrani (who was linked to Lindsay Lohan recently) chronicled the shoot with the "Alejandro" singer in all her glory.

The songstress and girlfriend of Luc Carl donned a custom gown adorned with stuffed Hello Kitty dolls and accessories, from sky-high pumps to a bedazzled belt.

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Lady Gaga's Hello Kitty dress is ...


My best friend loves hello kitty so that dress is cute.


mann shelook ugly af in dis but i woud look better i really like dis lol i like hello kitty and rock all her stuff my room full her evrything my shoes my clothes my room and my glasses


Hello kitty is awesome and so is this dress along with the girl wearing it


lady gaga suuuuuucks :)
and she looks like a dude...


woW sO verY cutE R dreSs.!


This might be a little strange but so is everything else she wears, at least she is covered for once!!


This is an old image - this was released in November..

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