Kristen Stewart to Twihards: Don't Murder Me!

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We mean this with all due respect, but perhaps Kristen Stewart should quit acting. She really doesn't seem to enjoy the spotlight, does she?

Aside from making inappropriate comments (such as comparing the paparazzi to rapists, which she quickly apologized for), the actress comes across as painfully awkward in interviews. It's refreshing, but it's also just strange.

Now, in an interview with British magazine Hello!, Stewart admits that she has serious fear of fame. Especially fame at the level she's achieved.

"I don't feel very comfortable on the red carpet," she said. "I look out there at a thousand people and I realize they could rush me and assassinate me. No security could protect me. Ostensibly they're fans, but I think about them turning on me."

Very Shy Stewart

Kristen says she "struggles to keep myself from crying" during public appearances and shows many signs of social anxiety disorder, a legitimate phobia that is triggered by perceived scrutiny from those around you.

There is good news for Stewart: at least she can go home and have Robert Pattinson hold her tightly every evening.


Cheers! It is the best time to make some plans for the future and it's time to be happy. Jones sabo an ideal existing to achieve together males a


I know how Kristen feels. I'm shy and akward sometimes too and still aspire to be a singer:)


Mr. Pattison, You are a great actor. They could not have chosen a better actor for the character u play in the twilight movies. I adore Kristen Stewart and I'm a big fan of hers and have been for many years. I don't blame her (from what I've read) for staying out of the spotlight, besides the movies. No one's personal life is anyone's business. Good luck in life and ur career. Jay


she is amazing she rocks because she is really sweet to everyone.. you know what i am going to find out what her email address and email her to see if she can come to my halloween party..


she is amazing in the movies but she is a twit in real life... i am not a hater of the movies but in the movies she is obsessed of the cullens and really obsessed about edward cullen (robert pattinson)...


she is retarted


she is a twit because she is a lesbian


People are crazy! They overanalyze everything. Just enjoy the movies for cry'n out loud and stop obsessing over the actors personal lives!


I think it's absolutely ridiculous how enthralled people in society are to tear people apart for their differences. Who the hell cares if Kristen doesn't adore the attention she gets from being in films! I can only imagine how smothered she feels. Further more, who are you to judge how she handles her interviews?! Honestly, does it really matter? She's a human being, lucky enough to do what it is she loves to do! I don't feel sorry for her in any way other than the fact that judgmental people feel the need to verbally dissect everything about her. And I'm pretty sure that if it were in her power to do so, she would be more than happy to resolve our economic crisis. Who the hell wouldn't? I'm absolutely a fan of Kristen and will be 100% no matter what any one says. She's a great person and I applaud her perseverance through the chaos in her career.


well i dont care what everyone says
i liked her b4 twilight n i like her now
everyone hates her are just jealous of her fame n just want to be her
u judge her but u dont even know her an if i was her i would just tell everyone that dont like me to go f**k yourself
And if u dont like her why the hell are u wasting ur time on reading this shit its probably cause u have nothing better to do with ur life
so i say kristen keep doing what ur doing cuz u do have fans that dont want to kill u n will stand up 4 u. (peace)=)

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