Kristen Stewart on The Late Show: Awkward Alert!!!

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Prior to her appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman last night, Kristen Stewart showed off a shorter, dyed hairstyle. Sound off with your thoughts on it NOW.

From there, the Eclipse star proceeded to sit alongside the talk show host... and make things incredibly awkward for all that watched.

We adore Kristen, don't get us wrong. But at some point her shyness stops being endearing and starts just being strange.

This is an actress that's been on the global stage for years now, not some scientist locked in her lab 24/7, yet her stories still trail off and she can't seem to banter at all with the person interviewing her.

Late Show Interview

Near the end of the following four minutes of interviewing Hell, Letterman even has to comfort Stewart, assuring her "you're fine, it's fine."

In her defense, however, the audience didn't offer much help. Those in attendance snickered at any reference Kristen made to Taylor Lautner, taking her quote about her co-star being "active" to mean... who the heck even knows? But something "ooohh" and "ahhh" worthy apparently.

See what we mean below and sound off: Is Kristen cute in these exchanges, or just painfully awkward?

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She was not awkward at all! I think She was adorable!:) Nothing weird..!


I am not a huge Kristen Stewart fan at all but I can honestly say that her interview was cute and not at all awkward. I completely agree that fans and paparazzi need to back off and give stars respect and personal space. I mean how would you like it if you were eating and people were constantly wanting your picture or to get your autograph. I feel that their personal lives as well as personal time need to be just that PERSONAL! Nothing worse than living your life under the constant scrutiny of the world. Just because they are stars does not give us the right to know who they are dating, what they are doing, and what kind of toliet paper they use. Respect seems to be a major issue, or rather the lack there of! But again I think she did an amazing job and for only being 20 and being thrust into the lime light of Twilight I think she, as well as the entire cast, is handling their stardom graciously!


I think Kristen is incredibly talented and a very sweet young lady. Letterman is the one who is weird!


She was very charming. Give her a break.


Kristen did well in this interview. She was a lot less awkward and she kept her had movements to a minimum.


No offence to David Letterman as he seems like a nice person, but I've never laughed at a single one of his jokes ever.


I'd be pissed at the audience! Seriously, he's an "active" guy-it just means what it means, nothing perverted. I thought she did great. David Letterman was making it awkward, not her.


I thought Kristen did a fabulous job!! David was the one who was asking and stating obvious questions and he wasnt giving kristen very much to work with! It's the interviewer's job to provide questions that the quest and elaborate on..but He just asked blank, open-ended questions! Kristen is shy and not at ease when she is interviewed but i think this was her BEST interview yet, given how stupid David's questions were.


I thought she was totally cute :) Great interview!.. i think THG are just trying to stir the pot here..


Woah. This was actually an impressive interview for her I felt. There wasn't incessant hair pulling and loud breathing with lots of awkward shifty eyes. I think she's starting to get better at making fun of herself which seems to be a must-have quality for celebs being interviewed. I thought this was pretty cute.

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