Kendra Wilkinson Slides Into Home, Invites Mockery

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Let's play a game: Name the strangest thing about the fact that Kendra Wilkinson held a book signing in New York City yesterday, as evidenced by the photos below. Was it...

... the title of her memoir, "Sliding Into Home," and the never-ending source of double entendres and puns this allows for?

... the idea that Kendra herself wrote a book with more words than pictures?

... the incredible coincidence that that this reality star's sex tape just happened to be released around the same time as her biography? We mean, this is clearly nothing more than a coincidence, right?

Husband Hank Baskett was also on hand to support and kiss his wife. Peep the pics now...

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I disagree. She's a huge sports fan (that's one of the most obvious things about her) so there's where the title comes from. Of course, we all have dirty minds, and with her having been a Playboy model, it's easy to make sexual jokes about it. Still, I think bringing it up is about as lame as giggling in 6th grade health class because the teacher said "penis."
As for her sex tape being released for publicity, I think that's a HORRIBLE thing to insinuate. It actually angers me. That was a hurtful thing to have happen and I think acting like she was behind it is pretty low.
The thing about her booking having more words than pictures, well I don't know her personally, so I can't comment on her intelligence. Still, I think jumping to conclusions about her intelligence based off what we've seen of her in the media is lame, but I guess that's what people do, myself included.