Jessie Lunderby: Fired for Playboy Spread

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Life isn't always fair for the hot and topless.

Jessie Lunderby, the Arkansas prison guard who was named Playboy's Cyber Girl of the Week in June, has been fired from her position with the state. (THG note: We'd like to state which position she ought to be in... if you know what we mean!)

Yesterday, the blonde beauty met with law enforcement officials for the first time since they suspended her for this naked pictorial and was told she was being let go because she was "a distraction in the facility."

We have no idea why that would be the case...

Jessie Lunderby, Playboy

After her photo shoot hit the Web, Lunderby said she had told her bosses about it and: "They had plenty of time to say no... They never said no."

However, Rick Hoyt of the Washington County Sheriff's Office objected to the pictures because he believed they undercut Jessie's authority with inmates.

"On any given day she has to be hands on, or giving directions, taking requests from prisoners," he said, refraining from making any obvious jokes about how much any guy would love to be hands on with Lunderby herself.

Don't expect this former jailer to remain unemployed for long. A Jessie Lunderby nude Playboy spread will likely be published before this year is through.

Still, the question remains: Shound posing topless be a fireable offense for a prison guard?


To Debbie-YES!


Do the inmates have access to Playboy or any other of the skin mags?


@Milan: First off, if a prison fight occurs, pretty sure whether or not someone posed topless won't play a role in one's ability to step in. That would require sheer force and nothing else.
Secondly, how would the inmates even have known about these online photos?!? The jail itself publicized them by suspending her and now firing her.


There is nothing wrong with pausing nude if that's your wish. But if you are a FECKING PRISON SECURITY GUARD! Well dang honey, it's clear you need a healthy dose of dignity to go with the uniform. Should a prison fight occur and she needs to quell it, do you think they'll take her seriously, if anything they might do her harm. In these types of jobs, you do not want to call attention to yourself. If you are an attention whore and want fame, tweet kim kardashian for tips, this is a serious business and all your attention must be focussed on fame can't have split focus. She's a dumb Beyotch!


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Jessie Lunderby, Playboy
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