Jessie Lunderby Playboy Pics Create Controversy, Jailer Placed on Leave

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Jessie Lunderby is a detention officer in Arkansas. She dreams about becoming an undercover cop one day, which is ironic...

... because her new spread has men dreaming about her, under their covers!

But the blonde beauty, who has been named Cyber Girl of the Week by that magazine, has come under fire for her decision to pose naked. In fact, KSLA News reports Lunderby was placed on "administrative leave" for the photo, even though she says she cleared it with her bosses and it was taken on her own time.

Specifically, the Fayetteville native s being investigated for "conduct unbecoming of an officer."

Jessie Lunderby Picture
Jessie Lunderby Photo

Hey, someone that wears even less clothing than Miley Cyrus!

But does that really apply in this case? Lunderby actions have no bearing whatsoever on her job. Does the Washington County Sheriff's Office really have control over the decisions its employees make in their free time?

That's the question we're asking readers now: Should Jessie Lunderby receive any punishment for her Playboy photos?

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Actually she does work at Hooters. She is married to the manager. My gf works with her at WCDC and she is a nice lady. You cant blame the girl for bringing home a $80,000 check for 16 nude pics...can you?


I think she handles her guns perfectly... More cops like this and world is a better place soon...


This isnt really about her off time, its more about the respect she is suppose to command. How will she get it now when the prisoners she is suppose to be guarding start in on her even more now. She is now a greater security risk to herself as well as a liability. We have to play devil advocate and look deeper into issue that what is on the surface. Jail isnt a place for this kind of behavior because we all know the kind of people that are in jail. If she worked at Hooters or a place in that capacity I see no problem...


@Nils: She's not even a cop. she's a detention officer - big difference.


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A police officer must have sound judgement. Miss Lunderby obviously does not since she apparently didn't foresee what would follow her naked posing, which hardly came as a suprise. A cop who lacks such basic grasp of causality will be prone to making other errors of judgement. That is not good when guns are involved...


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