Jake Pavelka Lashes Out, Vienna Girardi Cries: A Dramatic Interview Ends in Tears

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The Fourth of July was the previous day, but last night's Jake Pavelka-Vienna Girardi interview on The Bachelorette may have been the most explosive display.

Together for the first time since the Breakup of the Century, the former couple began the segment in (fairly) civilized fashion before things got out of hand.

“I’m so mad at you and I’m just disgusted with you,” Jake said. “You are a fame whore, that’s what you are,” Vienna retorted. “You’re a liar is what you are.”

So it went.

In the climactic scene, Vienna tried to apologize, only to break down after Jake angrily raised his hand, forcefully ordering “Please stop interrupting me.”

She began to cry, to which Jake said, “again I got interrupted.” She then said, “You are the fakest person I have ever met in my life!” and stormed off set.

Here's the pivotal moment ...

Whose side are you on?

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Vienna may be a tad immature, but she is young and will grow out of it. JAKE YOU ARE A JERK


what a couple of douchbags. such fame hores.


face it...he was warned and he thought with his dumb stick.


Someone please tell Jake flying paper planes does not qualify him as a pilot. Everyone who watch the bachelor new Vienna, she made no excuses in hiding her flaws etc, But , Jake the fake it's so obvious your 15 minutes are up!


When Jake was on DWTS, he acknowledged the importance of having Vienna in his life.Whatever happened in the last few weeks has been placed out into the public arena by the two of them. Every week,the two of them exchange insults of who is at fault.They are not even married and are arguing back and forth like two teenagers,and selling their stories to the tabloids like it is going out of style.Selling off the relationship to the highest bidder and news outlets only trashes what started out as a romance that evidently was intended for one of the other young women to win( that final rose from Jake).


By all indications,Jake and Vienna's romance was manufactured for publicity purposes.Jake chose one woman out of 25,and now it appears that he has issues with that one woman,and Vienna appears
to be devastated that their "history" is over.Newsflash to the both of them,maintaining a health,nurturing relationship takes work and self-less-ness,and a committment to each other away from the glaring eyes of the news media.When the entire world learn intimate details of your relationship,you are selling your own self worth as a couple to the higest bidder.


those stories were frankly disturbing, and he didn't even deny it. throwing the gps in the backseat? having a hissyfit that she remeasured the furniture? no wonder he couldnt handle a real relationship or any serious issues. he always seemed so nice, if nothing else, on tv. i am surprised and disappointed in jake.


If you check "Dancing w/Stars" you will see Jake (the Jerk) being as described......losing his so called patience, respect for females, etc.......he had the audacity to tell the professional dancer that she was not respecting him... He should be bought for what he's worth and sold for ego thinking worth!!! Personally, I hope "Hollywood" does a great job of de-egoing him!!!


Jake is a total control freak. He does not want a woman who even SPEAKS unless he gives his permission. She might 'undermind' him if she has her OWN opinions. I can't BELIEVE I liked him on the Bachelor show. He showed his TRUE self last night, with his controlled rage and ego. Watching that show last night, I realized that Jake has NO caring for ANY woman. Vienna was at least showing emotions while Jake just kept up his control, telling her to NOT speak. WOMEN BE WARNED, This guy is a jerk. I can't IMAGINE any woman who is not a total doormat, wanting to even be NEAR him.