Oksana Grigorieva Accuses Mel Gibson of "Extremely Violent" Behavior

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Not so fast, Mel Gibson.

Earlier today, we reported that this troubled actor filed for a restraining order against ex-girlfriend and current baby mama Oksana Grigorieva.

But TMZ has learned Grigorieva's lawyers beat Gibson to it: the attorneys scheduled an emergency hearing in family law court on Monday, telling the judge an order of protection was needed against Gibson because he acted "extremely violent" toward their client.

If this allegation is true, it would only be shocking because Oksana isn't Jewish.

In response to his former lover's filing, Gibson's order only prohibits Grigorieva from releasing certain pieces of information. Those tidbits appear related to confronations that began in January.

A source close to the actor acknowledges some sort of fight took place, but says the pair traveled together happily soon afterwards. This insider added:

"In these cases, when somebody cries wolf, the judge is mandated to assume there's a wolf, until a full hearing can be held."

Meanwhile, a Grigorieva source also alluded to events in early 2010 and argued his acquaintance's side: "There were other acts after January that were not physical but still constituted domestic violence."

Sadly, this gives new meaning to Gibson's classic Lethal Weapon franchise.


Wouldn't any of you be mad as hell if you finally realized this great "love" is a gold-digger and will stop at nothing to be a rich celebrity? This was a private conversation. Come on Oksana--taping it!! This is AMERICA where we have free speech. That's his right. Also, if he hates certain groups, whether we like it or not, he has the right to do that too. "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."


Because of his past behavior,it's generally accepted knowledge that this guy is a violent,irresponsible alcoholic,and an immature racist with a serious mental imbalance. Surely she knew what a ball of slime this turd-fondler is:a man of low purposes and no character.What did she expect, the cretinous bimbo? Serves her right for being that stupid.


BIEN MERECE DEMANDAS Y DEM�S otro "viejito ridículo" como David Caruso se hacen los jóvenes saliendo con estas que solo van por plata y fama no les duran unos meses dejando mal a sus esposas que los aguantaron años


She looks like OCTOMOM!!


Ughh.... Oksana, just leave Mel! Poor baby Lucia...


A gold-digger is still a gold-digger and this one timed everything perfectly. Now this sleeze has a hook into a rich mans life and she will milk it till it's dry. I doubt if Mr Gibson has ever seen the likes of the kind of woman he's encountered!


What happens when two fools collide.....


and what else was expected from this creep. He's a womanizer, has been for years, and a drunk, and has been for years. From his track record I just don't see the attraction, and especially to reproduce with this jerk. What was she thinking? Mel Gibson is nothing to bring home to mama.........just ask his ex wife. Oh now I get it......$$$$$$. Some people will tolerate tons of abuse for the $$$$$. Sad.


karma karma karma for cheating cheating cheating. Poor baby


Somebody needs to neuter this guy......

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