Octomom: Living Hand to Mouth

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She was recently bailed out by PETA, but Nadya Suleman is currently living hand to mouth and in dire need of financial help, according to her lawyer, Jeff Czech.

We doubt anyone is surprised ... or concerned, for that matter.

“The truth is Nadya is living from month to month right now,” he said. “There are a few deals in the pipeline ... I hope that these will materialize for her family."

The attorney added that despite her mounting fiscal woes, “Fortunately, she does not seem to be getting down about the situation, though it does concern me.”

Nadya was able to keep her home after getting a six month California mortgage extension and PETA stepped in with a $5,000 home loan payment and food.

Octomom and Brood

The kids and bills add up fast. [Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

But despite making a good amount of extra cash this year with various appearances, Nadya Suleman is still in financial trouble. Having 14 kids will do that.

“I want to do the best for her that I can," Czech said. "we have no legal rights to the biological father of her children being financially responsible for them.”

So we're blaming the dad? Shouldn't Nads take responsibility for her own actions? The Duggar family has 19 kids but support them debt free. Just saying.

The day of reckoning still may not be far off, either. Octomom faces foreclosure if she can't pay off her $450,000 California home loan by September 10.

She may want to take Vivid Entertainment up on its next offer.


Kevin, All you spew is hate. When I look at the picture the kids look well taken care of. They look healthy. She is obviously a good mother and I hope her kids bring her blessings by her dedication and devotion to the kids. You are a hatemonger and really should get a life. Obviously your life must be miserable for you to attack, judge and ridicule a mother who is trying to care for her kids. She didnt give them up and that saids a lot about her character. Jerk!


The Octomom needs to have her children removed from her care. We all KNOW why she had so many embryos impplanted...SHE WANTED FAME AND FORTUNE..."LOOK AT ME "....."LOOK AT all these kids, I need a REALITY SHOW TO HELP pay for them! No, you don't California's CPS should take the children FROM you Nayada, so that they can have a good life,not be raise as a litter, with little or no attention ! SHAME ON YOU !


Mind your own damn business and give the hatred a rest,because none of what any of you say matters, what is done is done, and you all should get a life! Nadya Suleman did not personally ask any of you for your opinion so why not shut up? This is sooo childish the name calling! And what she spends her money on is her choice! Grow up and get over yourselves!


Why does Nadia not do a reality show like Kate Gosselin and the Duggars. They made their wealth on the kids, thanks to TLC I am sick of Kate Gosselin, her bodyguard (!).It is all about Kate herself trying to get into show business. As to theDuggars, was it not for TLC they would be debtridden. The shows are all so fake. When can the average family take their kids to Disney land etc. Did Nadia's father not say on the Oprah show that he would take care of the kids???????? Olive


I think that the mother did a really fooling thing, by having 8 kids on top of the 6 she already had. The act is already here. I think that we should be past the ridicule of the mother. The State of California should appoint a "Guardian" over the family, set up an account for the children, as well as a CPA to monitor the account, and if the mother spends money on anything other than items for the care of her children, she should have "All" of her children should be removed from her care. The mother should be allowed go to school to bring her wages up so she can support her large family. We should stop demoralizing this mother, and give her a "Hand Up" instead of a "Hand Out."


Shirley = MsSarcia = Octomom If you look up MsSarcia on Huffington Post users, 4 comments by her come up, and they are word for word what she posted here about the Duggars. Even down to the weird way she wrongly says "flipping the bills" instead of "footing the bills" Sadly Octomom seems to spend all her time masquerading as her own "fans" instead of taking care of the babies she gave birth to.


Shirley-- so Nadya you fake ID today is Shirley. Right.
I see you as mssarcia can't resist posting on adoption-information sites. Just as your nannies are evaporating. Guess you're starting to get a taste of the rest of your life and these kids are not even near what 14 special needs kids are going to be like.
Your whole life is going to be Depends and home hospital care 24/7 . That should give you enough time to think about why you do not deliberately decide to impair babies after your doctor tells you not to implant 11 fresh embryos because you will have impaired babies and you go do it anyway.


Looks like Shirley is none other than Octomom herself. Nadya Suleman has been posting daily rages at the Duggars/gosselins for 3 years under names mssarcia and jolie noelle using exact same vocablary as Shirley. Hahaha..I 'd say google it, but who would bother. She's so over.
And at some point decided to try DIY. Total Fail . So now she's back to where she started. Broke and still posting the same venom for FREE, having learned so much in the past 3 years. Plus deliberately impairing 14 kids for the possibility of a TV show. Done, done, done. While Kate makes $4 million in just this year. $11,000 a day. While Toxomom just wallows around in her jacuzzi, high, wasted and posting, not earning a dime from it.. And justdoesn't comprehend that no one ever cared about her ever from the first. It was all about the babies. And now people are starting to see how they are disabled.


Kevin's not a nice guy!


Deb, I love your comment! Please add me to the list of people in the U'S.who would like to fart on the idiot!My wife has a psycho ex-roommate named Anne-Caroline who we discovered has been using her computer to talk endlessly about her obsession with farting.She She posted whole bunch of stuff on the Eclipse thread about farting, but thank god she ended up marrying a dr, last week who can afford to pay her bill at the psycho ward. finally got hauled off to the funny farm earlier. She no doubt would happily direct a fart directly into the mouth of Nadya, the queen of White Trashistan.


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