New Adam Lambert Music Video: Love It or Hate it?

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We've taken you on set and shown you images of Adam Lambert's new music video.

But now we can do fans one better: the video itself!

In "If I Had You," Adam sings about how hollow one's life can be, even when surrounded by material goods and wealth. "The message is one of love," he says, adding:

“Over the past year, in addition to my unbelievable opportunities, I have also been faced with the unique challenge of staying positive in light of some critics and closed mindedness. My friends, family, and my devoted fans have been a key force in keeping me grounded."

You, your talent and your refreshing attitude have all made it easy, Adam.

Below, watch Lambert's official video for this single and then sound off on his Mad Hatter and fog-filled look.



my soul and heart adam lambert keep going good love you i am falling in love with adam lambert


adam lambert is amazing i love him so much and all arab love adam lambert and i love all his songs


Too bad some people let the meaning of this superb song slip by them. What ADAM is saying is that all of these SUPERFICIAL things are going on ... gettin' high .. rock & rollin' ... trashing hotel rooms ... girls in stripper heels, etc .... all this is MEANINGLESS ... just a WASTE of TIME without a connnection ... someone to share all the TANGIBLE things in life with you ... all soon will FADE away .. but with LOVE on your side ... WHO CARES!! And without LOVE ... So WHAT!! ..IMO


hmmm that's funny Hellll-o. I'm pretty sure 1995 called and they want their phrase back.


Adore Adam, adore anything he has done! If you love this you owe it to yourself to go see him perform live. It's the difference between seeing a picture of the ocean and then being at the beach and experiencing the total saturation of your senses. He fills the venue with his presence. Amazing man. Amazing performer!


I also loved the video. It was fun, entertaining with a little bit of political induendo. We all wish to go to a party like that and have fun and be uninhibited. Great song and its all for entertainment anyway!


If Adam had made a video literally depicting the words of the song he would have been accused of not being creative enough. Love the video. Whattaya want from him??


I Love the message of this song... The video is "simple" "relaxed" "happy" & "colorful" It doesn't matter where you come from, the color of your skin etc...A true celebration of life ..just what life should really be about life to it's fullest and truly being "Happy" I'm a Adam Lambert Fan Forever.. He's a beautiful human being inside and outside!!!


J-lo called & she wants her video back...."Waiting for Tonight", lolol


Music that makes me want to dance, a face that could launch a thousand ships, clothes that make me want to redo my closet, and a great attitude, plus that look at the end. Perfection!

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