Adam Lambert: On the Set of "If I Had You" Video

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Ready to return to the set of Adam Lambert's "If I Had You?"


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    oh oh wait!! most important part...



    since when in the hell is 26 year old, a cougar? and my 18 year old cuz? and all our friends?

    FACT: whether the chatter is positive or negative, the MORE you go on about someone the more you reveal your true obsession with them


    ADAM does a great job on the little bit we saw on the preview video of IIHY. Still not sure about the tie-in with the lyrics & the concept BUT ... I sure can't wait to see the whole thing. His other three videos did not disappoint & I AM SURE this one WON'T either!! Heard one of his friends does some 'stilt' walking!!!


    Check out Ytube for the Boston Kiss 108 concert for the DJ intro of ADAM! Man .... he said it all!!! Tell numbnutz 'eamte' to make me believe that the DJ is either a fat cougar or a (won't type that rotten word .. CAN'T) what they said. THE DJ "KNOWS" SPECIAL when he sees it ... and ADAM is certainly SPECIAL!!!


    Love it!!


    Yes, we are all pathetic home ridden fat cougars and fags, "eamte". Now that I've gotten that out of the way, let me tell you what Adam Lambert really is. He's a mega-talent who just wants us to feel sexy, get up and dance and find commonality. He's intelligent, talented, gorgeous, kind and has a wonderful sense of humor. You're probably quite jealous of the fact that his popularity has reached international proportions and is most likely a multi-millionaire by now, in spite of you and your filthy hate. Now that you've gotten your 10 seconds of fame, go crawl back under the rock you came out of. Oh and by the way, I'm 23 years old and getting my master's degree. Ha, there goes your theory about all the "fags" and "cougars."


    Usually the one who calls others fat cougars and faggots is one in a closet. That's how these posts work. Go for it, you effin a-hole.




    it looks more like Burning Man meets The Zodiac Show meets Where the Wild Things Are meets Epic Fierceness.

    as far as the ignoramus eamte who commented utilizing derogatory intolerant slurs goes - all i can say is you simply sound like a totally uncool asshole. who probably has no concept of original music or art nor an appreciation of high-concept camp... and doesn't know how to party.


    To eamte: You are so wrong, a talent like Lambert's is so special, and people of all types are embracing his talent. His fans all over the board. I think everyone but you is excited that his kind of talent has come along in our lifetime. It's so great when we have a preformer that is the real deal, especially when record companies are throwing money at mediocre stars making them into something that they aren't, and shoving them down our throats, people are tired of that. With Adam around, the fakers don't have a chance. I don't always like some of the videos but that doesn't mean I don't like Adam. There is usually another one that I do like. GO Adam!

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