Miley Cyrus: What's Her Most Ridiculous Look?

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In her recent defense of her new image, Miley Cyrus said"I feel more comfortable" dressing in the type of attire she's donned on stage over the last few weeks.

To this, we say: Come on, Miles.

Kendall Jenner Fashion

There's no earthly way any human being can be comfortable in the outfits you wore at the 2010 MuchMusic Video Awards on Sunday night. We've already gone off on the black ensemble, so allow us to say this about the other one featured below:

Yech! We feel disgusting even writing this, but there's no way the world should get such an up-close view of how closely you shave down there. You're 17. Please, please put it away.

Which Miley Cyrus outfit is more ridiculous?


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Oh I should have added, it doesn't send a good message to little boys either but women don't really give a damn about them do they. I was raped twice when I was younger so I know what I am talking about.


Why do some women think this kind of behavior is acceptable? Little girls emulate these young woman and think there is nothing wrong with dressing and dancing this way. It's all about "you go girl!" Yes while you are "going girl!" realize that all over the world little girls are being kidnapped, rapped, and forced into sexual slavery to feed the child porn industry. While you are raking in your fortune from behaving in this way, remember that while you are dancing and singing like that, the little girls you say you care about so much are suffering while you do it. (Don't get me wrong, I don't hate Miley Cyrus just think there is a better message to send little girls then this)


rose and milesfanforlife are stupid first they have a fight and now there friend(hello did your bell work hmmmm i don't think so)rose and milesfan4life why r u guys friends come on


Oh my god put on sum damn clothes! How old r u???! Little 8-yr-olds still go to ur Miley Cyrus concert. Wat the hell r u thinking??


l think her clothes are dumb :(
i'm really hate it,too
miley what have you done.
i hate you ×(


whats the big deal she is 18 let her do what she wants to do


billy are you serious she is not sexy but why are you saying that anyway (man) your weird.but i'm just saying you know


I like the white outfit the best but both are cool. I think Miley is so sexy, and those outfits makes me want her even more. Is she single?


vote: miley to go to jail or stop wearing those clothes.
if you want miley to go to jail say [o-m-g] or if you want miley to stop wearing those clothes say [miley sucks].
so vote now.


cacatua don`t tell us to stop writing our opinons okay so leave everybody and don`t tell everybody to stop hating miley cuz we don`t have your not the boss.and your on page 2.SO