Miley Cyrus Hosts MuchMusic Video Awards, Looks Ridiculous

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When she gives interviews and utters every inspirational cliche every created, Miley Cyrus sounds ridiculous.


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    Yes, I agree. I have no idea what ^ is talking about, she has NEVER had that style. Have you seen her Hannah Montana clotehs? They are as sparkly as sparkly can get.She looks like an Avril Lavigne wannabe, and really needs to pick a style and hold on to it. If she even has the brains to do that.


    Um, does that classify as clothing? Cyrus needs to raid a McD's and fast. Look at how effing skinny she is! Lol Party in the Canada. Whatever, Miley.


    o love you miley


    gtfo you haters.


    all of u back off, miley can dress in her way while you can wear a little tutu on ur fat waist! nobody's gonna care bout u, so stop bothering others!

    Stop bashing her!


    wow i hate MC shes such a dork whoever likes her should go to a mental hospital shes a ridiculous lil tramp she cant sing or dance shes just a friggin FREAKSHOW!!!!! shes the worst singer EVER shes a bucked tooth hillbilly who was born in a trash can she sucks at everything and if we hate her it dosnt mean we're jealous so for all u stupid idiots saying we r jealous why dont u shut up becuz thats thats completly WRONG why wouldi be jelous of a girl who pole dances for fun!!!????


    Yes that's exactly it - we're jealous of MC. But we can't be jealous of Beyonce, lady Gaga because we didn't say anything negative about them. As long as we bash MC We MUST be jealous. And how about checking out a thesaurus once in a while. Cussing us out only makes you sound like a bigger imbecile.


    fuk man,leave miley alone!!shes gorgeous and she is very talented and u lowlifes think mileys a slut?go look at lady gaga showing her pussy and go look at beyonce jiggling her boobs in her vid.fuk man miley is just growing and she just simply doesnt like what she was so shes changing!so what! u haters and shit talkers,FUK OFF MOTHER FUKERS!u guys r just jealous that shes soo gorgeous and talented! hatrz,leave her alone and shut the fuk up before ishut it 4 u!


    @Holy you not remember she already did a few years back at some other music award show


    I like you Miley a lot but i will not appriciate you for this dressup...................please DONT continue this dress!!!!!!!!

    ******************** ********************

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