Katie Price Releases Heidi Montag-Esque Single

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Katie Price's new single, "Free to Love Again," has been unleashed upon the world.

It's a record only Heidi Montag could love ... or produce something worse than.

Seriously, it's as bad as you'd think, and the cover art is equally dreadful.

Is that the result of Botox? Airbrushing? Too much makeup? We may never know.

But we do know this for sure: If you listen here to her new song, you'll LOL.

Katie Price Album Cover

FREE TO LOVE AGAIN: Katie Price is ready to love again ... or something. Is her new single a reference to moving on from Peter Andre with Alex Reid? Does anyone care?


What an absolute tart. Give up you sad, sad woman. You can't sing...even if a decent song had been written for you


Quack. Ducky lips.


she is soooooooooo anoying far worse then heidi atlest heidi is a nice person just messed up wat this things excuse


Nice face katie you fucking mess


:o sounds like all the rest.


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Katie Price is British model who is also known as "Jordan." We don't know why anyone calls Katie Price this, but we do know a few things... More »
Brighton, East Sussex, England
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Katrina Amy Alexandria Alexis Price