Speidi Breakup Hoax: The Smoking Gun?

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Before the "shocking" breakup of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, was there a plan in the works to stage the split as an elaborate, long-con bid for attention?

People have suspected the split is a giant sham from the start, but a new piece of the puzzle has emerged that may reveal it's all part of a new reality show.

That piece is a $5.5 million Malibu pad where Heidi and Jen Bunney say they moved in to for a summer of girl time and so Heidi could get away from Spencer.

It seemed believable enough, given the recent erratic behavior that led to Heidi and Spencer's breakup, and that it was never announced by the plastic pair.

However, the lease for the place was signed days before Heidi's rep confirmed the split, with neither Heidi Montag, Jen Bunney or Spencer Pratt's name on it.

Heidi and Spencer Reflect

PULLING A FAST ONE: Is Spencer and Heidi's breakup as fake as whatever you'd call those things spilling out of Heidi's clothes? [Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

The lease is only three months long with an option to re-new for six months or a year ... just long enough for the summer! Funny how that worked out, right?

It's all a little too convenient if you ask us.

A cynical mind might even say the thing reeks of a setup, with the couple in cahoots with Jen Bunney as well as enterprising reality show producers throughout.

All of this begs the question: Did someone know a split was coming, and who? If it was sudden, why would someone else sign a lease for them ahead of time?

Makes you wonder if the whole breakup is ...


Lies after lies it is very hard to believe one word from there weirdos!! I do believe that she has changed after meeting Spencer and that he put her up to all those stupid surgeries. She always had low self-esteem and it didn't help that she got sucked into Hollywood life and this DOUCHE BAG!! Stop with the pills too-just a thought.


It's fake. I just read an April 2010 article in US Mag about how Speidi were going to split and Heidi would get her own place, except that everyone thought Speidi was lying and doing this for PR. Duh, surprise, surprise - not.


they are laughing at gossiprags like yours who will print whatever they tell you to ...
you are a moron for still posting about them or to imagine ANYONE in their right mind would work with either of them ..
they themselves spread the gossip by calling it in to rags like yours ..
do us a favor & don't report on them until a murder or suicide happens .THAT'S the ONLY thaaaaaaaaaaaang anyone wants to see ...
give it up or i'll start running thru the woods with a water4 bottle & have the paps meet me too dummmies like you will eat it up like the slaves you are ..
for sure they're laughin' ! so am i !you're idiots


They must really think we are all stupid. I don't believe the split is for real at all. But who knows? I agree with the poll though, their life is fake, her body is fake, her face is fake, they live in this fantasy world inside and out. It's really sad. Her face looks so ugly compared to how she looked before any surgery. It's really strange why someone would want to make themselves uglier.

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