Ellen Ross Hates Jon Gosselin's Kids

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Ellen Ross, Jon Gosselin's newest girlfriend, supposedly hates kids. Nice. Way to date an overweight, unemployed guy who fathered eight of them then!

Guess that's the price you pay, though. Despite the fact that Ellen Ross "hates" children, a source tells Us that the 23-year-old "she wants to be famous."

This would be the primary appeal of dating Jon Gosselin, although even that's diminishing quickly. After the fourth or fifth girl it becomes less shocking.

In any case, she sounds like great stepmother material.

Jon G. Contemplates

Ellen Ross sounds like great stepmother material.

When Ross was seen palling around with Gosselin's eight children on a playground May 22, another insider reports that it was simply a staged photo op.

"She knew it would get her attention," says the source.

Whoa. You mean guys with that kind of baggage aren't appealing unless celebrity gossip magazines and websites pay attention to you for dating them?

One person not pleased with Ross' photo stunt: Jon's ex Kate Gosselin, who is "freaking out" over it. That and everything else. But she's not pleased!


If I were in Kate's shoes I would make sure that Ellen wishes she was never born through a series of torturous events for my own sadistic pleasure


If you have something to say to me call me at (717) 695-7603. Ellen Ross


She lives at: 1101 Yverdon Dr, Apt C7
Camp Hill, PA 17011


Mother,siblings,cousins,friends,uncles/aunts or anyone who can sit him down,talk to him and influence him positively ? Can he NOT see that the kids he brought to this world far outweigh in importance and needs than any of these fameseeking w****s???That's life for most Americans...men get away with this type of stuff all the time..until one day they realise they fooled nobody,but THEMSELVES.Sad.


Jon's girlfriend is ugly, snobbish looking and looks jealous. If I were Kate I would forbade for his girlfriend not to be anywhere around them.


I don't blame kate for freaking out. I would not want my kids to be with someone that does not like or wants kids

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