Jon Gosselin to the Kids: Meet Ellen Ross!

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Things must be getting serious between Jon Gosselin and Ellen Ross, his newest play thing girlfriend ... or at least they're reaching the Jon equivalent of serious.

After all, Radar Online reports the reality TV father introduced Ellen to six of his kids Friday. No word if Mady and Cara boycotted by choice or just had other plans.

Ellen Ross and Jon Gosselin were spotted picking up his sextuplets from the school bus in Reading, Pa., and according to reports, the kids weren’t too fazed at all.

Eh, that's not too surprising. They've already read about Jon and Deanna Hummel. And Hailey Glassman, and Stephanie Santoro. And Morgan Christie, and ...

Speaking of Hailey, Ellen kinda looks like her, no? Peep it:

Jon Gosselin and Ellen Ross

ELLEN ROSS: So Jon Gosselin's type ... desperate, likely disturbed.

In fact, the six kids were supposedly happy to be meeting daddy’s “new friend” - they were all smiles and laughs and obviously happy to be seeing their father.

Hey, it's not something you can take for granted with this dude.

Jon has been adjusting to his life as a single dad, showing the kids around his new apartment, looking for a job and even introducing the brood to his new girl.

He even went out of his way to see them on their birthday.

Granted any father should do that, and he wanted credit and sort of threw Kate under the bus afterward, but still. Progress, people. Even baby steps are good.


I dnt like Jon cheatin on Kate at least she doin well wit her kidz she deserve the best in the future I hope shell have another child but for Jon and Ellen deserve nothin at how crap r they with each other hmmmmm


just another 23 yr old dumb as a rock and looking 2 get in the spotlight,who would want an old father of 8 who is a known womanizer and cheater??? wake up shes just the next toy in line. if he ever finds a real mate it wont be a barely grown girl,it wd be someone his own age,and he wd be lucky even to find it at one in their right mind would even give him the chance!!!!!!


poor kids.


This dude must stay in heat.For a divorced deadbeat dad with eight(8)youngsters,he does not seem to be able to survive without a new babe by his side.


Is it just me or does she look like Ceiling Eyes (Audrina Patridge)?




While reading this I was reminded of why I don't watch reality TV, and why I don't keep up with celeb gossip. Must be big business talking smack on people. I've known Ellen for a few years, not well, but she's the good friend of a good friend of mine; I can assure you she's a very nice, respectable, and intelligent woman--certainly NOT "desperate" and not "likely disturbed." Can't believe someone actually wasted their time writing this gossip.

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