Courtney Love: Nude, Disturbing on Facebook

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Courtney Love. Facebook. The mere fact that these things exist means bizarre stuff is always within reach, but we didn't expect her to take it this far.

But Courtney Love nude pictures in weird fetish poses, uploaded by herself?

Not stuff we were hoping we would come across when we woke up today. In one pic, transsexual diva Amanda Lepore prepares to give naked Love a spanking.

In another shot, Love's in a short black skirt with her crotch exposed. In a third, Courtney's just lying on the floor of a deserted warehouse naked, obviously.

Follow the jump to see the Courtney Love nude shots if you dare. SIDE NOTE: Become a fan of THG on Facebook. Fetish pics not included ... or are they?!

Courtney Love Naked Pic
Courtney Love Doggy Style

Honestly, who needs to see this? Unless you're on a friend's computer, and can make one his wallpaper, then that's great. But aside from that ... gross.


Do whatever u want coz life is too short


this just deescusting and grose you poeple are grose desscusing


I really like fionahemsley. I wish I had as much grace. I just get upset, you know? Thanks fiona for your ultimate understanding of the bigger picture.


this is a gossip site, so perhaps no one should expect more but some intensely LOW effort investigation would have enlightened whoever slopped this together that the pictures on courtney's page were done by dave lachappelle YEARS ago for his book. dissing courtney is easy and a sure fire get "the lols" recognizing her brillance and smarts doesn't translate to the fun with insults thats obviously this site's primary goal. courtney is a beautiful, smart, iconic genius. recognizing that isn't as good times with nasty words, huh?


These are just still shots from her sex tape she couldn't get anyone to buy.


Courtney is such a mess that no one cares!


She killed Kurt Cobain!


She's holding cigarettes in two of them. Did the tobacco industry pay her to do this ?


this is so frikken disgusting. i'm expecting things like this to come from miley cyrus next.

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