Charlie Sheen to Cop Plea, Go to Jail

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According to multiple sources, there's no longer any question over whether or not Charlie Sheen will spend time in jail for his Christmas Day assault against wife Brooke Mueller.

The troubled actor is most definitely headed to the slammer. Sheen is prepared to agree to a plea bargain that will include approximately 30 days behind bars.

"Charlie intends to go to court on June 7 [to] plead to a misdemeanor and immediately begin serving his 30 days in jail," said an insider. "With good behavior, he could end up doing 15 or so days."

Let's all hope Charlie Sheen gets up close and personal with fellow inmates in a very different way this month.

Incredibly, Sheen had the option of avoiding prison and accepting probation - but he actually deemed probation too risky, which is basically a case of the star admitting that he can't remain out of trouble.

The actor will go to Aspen next Monday, enter a no-contest plea to third degree assault and have his felony menacing charge dropped.

In the end, for allegedly holding a knife to the throat of Mueller, Sheen will receive a pay raise from CBS and spend about two weeks in jail.

Ain't justice grand for celebrities?


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Why is everyone so enamored with this punk? He is a criminal gone amok yet he is publicly glamorized when in all actuality is in dire need of help. He is very troubled and leaving behind
his reputation for his family and children to reap the rewards.
This is very plain in his actions. He thumbs his nose and laughs at us. He thinks WE are the ones with the problems. You know--he's right! Until we can deal with criminals as criminals and stand up people like this will continue to abuse.


This picture of Charlie Sheen is kind of terrifying


I kind of feel as though Charlie Sheen has had quite a few domestic violence cases and yet has still gotten away with it... 30 days in jail is a joke.. he should definitely get longer! Feels like these celebrities get let off a little easy

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