Young Celebrities Line Up on Red Carpet for The CW

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Throughout this week, all major networks descended upon New York City for their annual Upfront Presentations. At these events, each delivered its 2010-2011 primetime schedule.

We'd show you photos from the CBS festivites, but stars on that channel's shows are old.

On NBC, they'll all probably be replaced by Jay Leno soon.

Fox, meanwhile, can get back to us when it replaces Simon Cowell on American Idol; and we're mad at ABC taking away Lost from us this Sunday.

That leaves us with The CW, which airs enjoyable shows (Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries) and features hot, young actors/actresses. Perfect! Ogle many of them below:

Boyfriend Lover
New CW Star
Nina D.
Smoldering Somerhalder
Better Than Pattinson?

[Photos: Splash News]


can u help me meet my hero's please! nick jonas
demi leavto
joe jonas
kevin jonas
everyone in camp rock please


Lol how coincidental that Ian and Chace happen to have their pictures beside each other. Especially how some people consider how similar they look. @randyjacksonsbutt: Ashley may have conquered the music industry as a disney star but she won't be the most successful in the film industry. Zac Efron is a much better actor than her and Vanessa Hudgens' more potential. She has only been in seven films much like her beau but she has already been picked up Zach Snyder and a director as brilliant as he obviously sees the potential others do. But not you, apparently.


Ashley Tisdale will be the most successful of all of the Disney kids. She is growing into a gorgeous woman and appears to be somewhat grounded for her age. However, I don't quite understand the infatuation with Selena Gomez? It seems that her face is way too small for her cranium. Vanessa Hudgens is cute but nothing spectacular and Demi Lovato is simply average at best.