The Most Depressing Video You'll Ever See

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A two-year old singing Justin Bieber? Adorable.

A middle-aged, overweight woman crying and cursing and screaming at the results of American Idol? Less than adorable.

This is the best part of the video below: While his wife yells, bawls and says her life is ruined forever by the fact that Lee DeWyze won last night, the dude on the couch simply says: I told you so.

We love it... and hate it. Seriously, what does this say about the state of the country?


Some people do not know how to live-Life.Evidently this old hen had some issues that were already in place before the finale of AI.Anyone who gets that upset over a talent contest is a born loser,and needs to get off the couch and start living.Mr. Troublemaker did not make it any better by exposing her to the world while she was in nervous-breakdown mode.


haha, good point, Lisa. This is the exact demographic that helped Obama win. Amazing how spot-on you are.


Well now I know the type of person that watches this crap. It's the sub-normal morons of this world.


Stupid Obama-voting loser!


How could someone get that upset, knowing someone had to win and someone had to be runner up. Look where Adam Lambert is, and he was runner up. So, what does it matter.


Old trailer trash mama all broken up since her role model the UBER Trailer Trash Crystal Dawn L-O-S-T! Too funny!

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