American Idol Winner: Lee DeWyze!

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It was a slow, but steady rise to the top for Lee DeWyze.

But it all paid off tonight, as the laid back rocker with the sexy, scratchy voice was crowned season nine champion on American Idol!

DeWyze peaked at the ideal time, bringing the crowd and judges to their feet with his recent rendition of "Hallelujah" last week. He then carried that momentum into the finale and defeated a worthy competitor, Crystal Bowersox.

On the Finale

A choked-up DeWyze accepted Ryan Seacrest's congratulations after the announcement and proceeded to sing his cover of "Beautiful Day," which will soon hit radio stations around the country.

Relive Lee's Idol journey below...

Covering The Boxer
The Two Finalists
Final Six
Inspiring Viewers
Final 7 Pose
Making DeWyze Choice

Did Lee deserve to win?


Yes ! Lee! You did it I really liked your crunchy voice rather than Crystals, even if you were a little bit pitchy here and there You deserve it Bro Congrats! I'm going get your album for free


The whole season of AI kinda sucked this year. Last year was the show's peak. It had all the original judges, and people tuned in each week to see what Adam was going to do. Love him or hate him, he was interesting. No one was interesting this season. Crytal's sound is dated. Lee's sound is current. It's the best the voters could do!


crystal should have won,it is not fair to give lee the crown,crystal is much better than lee.. He iis cold, has no Charisma. Any way crystal is going to make it bigger than Lee, look at chris and adam , adam is a supper star comparing to chris,lee is going to phase out just like taylor hicks. America get is wrong again, best of luck crystal. un-fair game always play twice, a lot ogf us are with, we are all in shock, but we will wait and see, you will rise above it, God be with you crystal;;;can't wait to buy your album. love you, love you crystal......................................


Crystal was not better than Lee.I couldn't stand her voice. Good luck to those that like her, BUT NOT for me. ooooh yuk


James it is not all the young girls. I am in my late 60's and I just loved Lee, so your remarks does not stack up. Lee is a humble guy, with attitude looks and a voice.


Lee you most certainly deserved to Win. Your attitude was so much better than your rival, who for me was too cocky for words. I didn't like her from very early on in the contest. As for her voice she was a total screamer, and the honky tonk songs she sung were old and very boring. To those who say she is great, well I tell you what I muted the TV for most of her singing.


Both Lee and Crystal were okay,the whole AL season was pretty lame really so i'm pleased the two who actually had talent made it right through to the end.And for those who think Crystal should've won,two words for you,Adam Lambert.Coming first doesn't always mean more success,as has been proven by Kris and Adam.


any thoughts on this?


Lee you are a fine young man with a world of talent and so happy you won the Idol this year. You made your mamma and daddy so proud and we all been praying for you at our church. You humble and know that people love you for who you are and that girl thought she has won and she didn't. She could learn from you. Jesus smiling on you and we are smiling also.


I can't wait for his album! Did I mention that I love listening to singers that are boring and forgettable?

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